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This page links to ebooks which are a month-by-month account of life in Ireland as the country started to fall apart and the ensueing economic collapse. 

They are free to read and download. They are also free to distribute under this Creative Commons License. 

Some of the images in these ebooks have been sourced from a creative commons community of which I'm a member of on Flickr. Image sources can be viewed by clicking on links throughout the ebooks.


All monthly books can be read by clicking on this link. 

Titles and short blurb below.

In the beginning...

September 2009

5 Days in September

Don Booker wonders if Vincent Browne would make for a decent irish president and wonders what price the selling of your dignity.

Deathly Quotes

Booker stumbles across Bill Hicks as he launches the Vincent Browne for President campaign on Facebook - 2 years ahead of the election.

November Nightmares

Sex symbols and spy thrillers occupy Booker's time  until a former hero hands in to ruin his year.


Sex, dating, the climate and paying the ultimate price for freedom are on Booker's mind as he draws 2009 to a close.


Purjurious Times -       Jan-Feb, 2010
Booker runs into an old friend as the political landscape goes haywire. Meanwhile over at RTE ...

Forgetful Directions-     March-May, 2010
 Booker finishes Booker's World and goes hunting for a 3-book deal while becoming an advocate for stem cell research. 

A Publican Beach-  June, 2010
Booker becomes a devout leftist as the pub owners of Ireland revolt. 

Chillax - July, 2010
Booker's World undergoes a re-write as Brian Cowen's golfing buddy, Seanie Fitzpatrick, is made a bankrupt. Meanwhile a celebrity hunter of serial killers gets a mention...

Dark - August, 2010
Booker gets a dose of the summer blues as he submits to agents and publishers. Meanwhile, Blair Kelly, spy novelist drops by ...

The Loaded Taoiseach - September, 2010
Brian Cowen gives rise to a new word following his escapades after a Fianna Fáil drink-in. Meanwhile, a lorry tries to enter the Dáil.

Independence - October, 2010

Booker becomes a European for four days as the IMF lurk with menace. Meanwhile, Booker asks Mattie Johnson what's he high on.  

International Mother Fu*krz - November, 2010
As Ministers sneer and deny the IMF are coming - in they walk. The Greens decide to bail out of government - but after driving home austerity. Meanwhile, Booker takes to the streets of Dublin City.

The Cost of Living

The worst austerity budget in Ireland’s history is condemned to the House.
Meanwhile, Booker makes contact with someone strange.


End Daze - The Last Days of Brian Cowen - January, 2011
In defiance of the previous months debacle, Irish politics reaches fever pitch as Brian Cowen's reign falls asunder. Meanwhile, Booker has an encounter with a Genie...

The Artful Dodger - February 2011
As Ireland hits election mode,  Enda Kenny dodges his way to become Ireland's new taoiseach. Meanwhile Booker arrives bearded to a small lakeside community almost suffocated with forestry...

Planet Bonkers - March 2011
The Japanese tsunami puts Irish woes into perspective. Enda Kenny takes the throne and heads straight into a storm with the Michael Lowry affair. Meanwhile Booker is dreaming up new bestsellers...

45 - April 2011
As new members enter The Bailout Club and glorious Iceland rebels once more, Booker reflects on Article 45 of the Irish constitution. Meanwhile, in The Bounty Bar... 

Visitors - May 2011
America finally gets their man as former taoiseach, Garrett Fitzgerald passes away. Meanwhile the Queen and Obama come to a ghost town...

Dead Peasants - June 2011
Booker speculates on what will be found when they finally get down to the minutest part of the atom. Meanwhile, he stumbles across some dead peasants...

The Great Gas Giveaway - July, 2011
Mick Wallace gets caught up in the 'Piggy-Gate' affair as Amy Winehouse takes her place in among the tragic '27 Club.' Meanwhile, Booker suffers from a dose of ICGAF...

Celtic Whine - August, 2011
Booker concedes to an awful running of the Vincent Browne for President campaign as Fianna Fáil tempt RTE personalities with a presidential run.   Meanwhile Booker lays into some sickly American Republican...

Murder by State - September, 2011 
As Booker celebrates two years of going nowhere, the Irish presidential candidates are rolled out into the public arena.  Meanwhile, on a gurney in Georgia...

Mr. President - November, 2011
As a worthy statesman takes his place as Irish head of state, European democracy comes under fire in the south of the superstate. Meanwhile, back from Cannes... 

The Casting of the Dye - December, 2011
As Ireland gets an austerity budget as a Christmas present from the new government, Booker announces his people of the year - to himself.  Meanwhile, Larry Mulligan pops his head up again...

Three Planks & Ron Paul -  January, 2012
The race to have control of one of the world's nuke buttons begins in earnest in America with the Republican Party appearing to want to brand itself as sick. Meanwhile, Shifty Doyle writes an open letter to Irish B-Minister, Brian Hayes...

Escaping The Walls - February, 2012
Just when it seems Booker may have lost everything, a little bit of luck arrives. Meanwhile in America,  God-fearing, war-lovin' homophobes appear from everywhere...

Curiosity - March, 2012
Sean Gallagher re-appears as Bertie Ahern falls on his sword. Meanwhile, Booker goes on a shooting trip with the foreigner from next-door as Sonny's marriage falls apart - again!

April Fool' - April, 2012

Recent annoyances leave the country allowing Booker to re-write a script.
Meanwhile the government start laying the fear on Irish people in attempts to coax a 'Yes' vote in the upcoming Fiscal Treaty referendum.

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