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Booker's World is the debut novel from writer Noel Farrell. Below is a brief synopsis detailing what the book is about, and some of the characters which make up this coming-of-age novel set against the backdrop of a difficult time in Ireland's history.

Booker's World

As little old Ireland slides into an economic abyss, working-class Don Booker slides towards 40. He spends his days caring for his dementia suffering Mum, while coming to terms with the suicide of his best friend, Leon.
As Don searches for answers through a keyboard, he walks a path of personal introspection where old memories force Don to deal with the fallout of a life not quite lived.

Set against the backdrop of post Celtic-Tiger Ireland, this coming-of-age tale takes the reader on a journey through a character and a country facing up to their personal and social woes.
At times humorous, other times, provocative, Booker's World takes the reader into Ireland's social underbelly - exploring strong societal themes like suicide, alcoholism and attitudes. Themes prevalent the whole world over.

It's what you leave behind...

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