Saturday, September 26, 2009

Greatest Irish Sporting Moment

I don't think to many will argue that the greatest moment in Irish sporting history has yet to come. A candidate could possible be when the NAMA bill is passed into law in about a months time. Very sporting of the twits in the abomination I think.

My three favourite moments are -

1 - When Ray Houghton put the ball in the England net during the European Championships in 1988. It was Ireland's first appearance in a major championship and what a way to start with a winner against the olde enemy.

2 - Ray Houghton also features in my second favourite moment, again a goal worthy of winning any match. This time it was during the World Cup in the US in 1994. The Giants Stadium, the victims, 3 time World Cup Winners Italy. Leon also survived a stomach pump that night.

3 - Ireland's Grand Slam winning team of 2009. Heroes , one and all and the last occasion i felt really proud of being Irish. Indeed most of those moments have been provided by sport. Sad really.

Thanks Ray for the memories. If Carlsberg did Sirs, you'd be one.


  1. I think up their also is Munsters 1st victory in the Heineken Cup. I was very proud to be Irish on that day also.

    The olymics would have been up their too if they were not forever tainted. Ronny Delany was excellenet though allbeit well before my time.

  2. I met Ronny Delany in my youth. He came to my school and had his autograph for years. All my favourite memories which induce my nationalisim are usually brought up by sporting moments. I agree there are many, Triple Crown back in the 80's, McGuigan beating Pedroza, damn i even shouted when Michelle was swindling us all. And that O leary penalty to put us in the quarter final of the World Cup. I hope Bernard does it tonight. I admire a person who picks himself up off the floor time and again and move forward in a positive direction.

  3. I Agree hopefully he can do it. Ireland is full of begrudgers. The more successful a sportsstar is the less people seem to like them. It is a horrible trait.

    Enjoying the Blog Don its good reading, keep it up.

  4. One must endevour to cut a creative path.

    Thanks Donall, good to have you along. :-)