Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Suicide. - The Scourge Of Irish Society.

Irish Olympic hero, Darren Sutherland died yesterday , apparently taking his own life in London. He was 27.

Suicide is a blight on Irish society. Up to ten people a week die by their own hand in this country. This is a shocking statistic. It is one that needs to be addressed but sadly with services being cut across the board because of the wastage by a shower of serve serving wankers , the chance of reversing this disturbing trend is nothing more than a pipe dream.

Suicide affects everyone. We all know people who in their final desperate act chose to take their own lives, unable to cope with life any longer for whatever reason they may be. It's to difficult to explain. Families are left torn in the aftermath , the overriding question always being, Why?

Some describe it as a selfish act. They are entitled to their opinion. But for one to face that final moment, alone with a shattered life or mind, life has reached a perifery where it is not worth living any more. It causes great sadness and shock, and no amount of questioning will ever provide an understanding.

There are many noble and worthy groups out there today like the Samaritians or Aware or societies for suicide prevention. They provide a much valued service to people who have reached their limit. Without them I believe the stats would make worse reading. With the present economic situation it saddens me to think that it may get worse.

When are we going to start caring for people? For our society, as a whole? The billions that have been wasted over the past ten years could, and should have saved and improved lives. It's another sad reflection of a country stained by scandal and where accountability is just another word in the dictionary. A country which puts profit before people. Is this what out founding fathers died for?

They say things come in three's. And it did in the past 24 hours. Well known celebrity chef, Keith Flyod died of a heart attack while in a battle with cancer. Another scourge of our non-evolving society.

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