Wednesday, November 18, 2009

God Supports France.

It was not to be. A nation hangs it's head and it's heavy hearts that we will wake up to in the morning. The Irish team can be proud to a man for their effort tonight. A little sharper in fron of goal and Thierry Henry's cheating would not be the issue that will hang over this game in the days to come. Ireland will not be going to next years world cup in beautiful South Africa.

It truly hard to take. Not only did we play the french off the park tonight , the goal they scored was firstly, offside, and second Henry's focused handball, not once, but twice will forever stain an otherwise great career.

This is not just about a match. It's about nation. Fuck the bankers and the politicians, fuck all those who in anyway threaten peace and harmony on the land in a destructive way. But for the decent people, the ones that face into bleak months ahead and now with little to look forward to. What makes it harder to take is the manner it has happened. Something that should not be a part of the game. Cheating.

Golf, Rugby, Tennis, American Football, i could go on, all have means for replays on contentious issues. Football, No! There is absolutely no argument not to have it. It will come but alas to late.

It's a chance once every four years. I've been lucky enough to share three World Cups with Ireland. Each of them leave memories forever etched in my mind. ( Bar Alzheimer's) Great memories, memories of a life time. Now we have been denied our place, costing the development of the game in this country a huge cash injection and a chance to put a smile back on our faces and give us all an inkling that maybe everything would be OK. I paint a grim picture, but for many that's the reality.

All one can hope for is to make up in the morning , turn on my sports channel to find that France have been ordered to play us again in a one off match , as a matter of integrity. Henry should also be banned for a few games. And finded heavily with the proceeds going to third world hunger. Will that happen? Not a chance.

Which leaves me with the post title. There are 60 million in France. 4 in Ireland. If those who believe had a little pray today to God looking for a result , i suspect with population ratio's like that, we were always on a loser. I can't think of any other explanation. Can you?

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