Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ireland Attempt To Reach The World Cup

Today Ireland play France in Dublin in a play-off which will decide which country will go through to next years World Cup in South Africa. It's a big ask for the Irish against the former world champions. My heart will be with my countrymen and I truly believe it will not be the lack of effort that will be the reason they will not get through.

From the beginning of the campaign i have said that Ireland, would make it to a play off but would fail to reach the World Cup. I believed all along the players at out disposal were simply not as good as the players we have had in previous years. Managerial decisions not to include players like Lee Carsley and Andy Reid in squads is also baffling along with Stephen ( Wanker) Ireland's decision to turn his back on his country.

Tonight as Croke Park roars at kick off, I'll be here at home and roaring them on all the way. I love my country especially it's sports stars that sometimes turn the nation on its head and also make each of us very proud. Very little is put into sporting endeavour in this country, hardly surprising given the level of incompetence at government level and at state body level. I could go on.

I don't buy into this mentality from the masses who turn against sporting commentators like Eamon Dunphy when he expresses his opinion and then accused of being anti nationalist. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I personally don't like the brand of football Ireland play at present but Trapatoni has to use what he has at his disposal and develop a team and tactic around them.

I think the French will have just to much quality over the two legs. No one more than me hopes we make it through. There have been memorable moments in the past, beating England and Italy in major tournaments and beating the Dutch to qualify in Dublin. In a year which has been many Irish people's Annus Horribilus, to qualify would give us all something to look forward to. God himself knows the government won't be providing anything. So with fingers crossed it is but a hope, a great wish, that somehow, someway , we can get there.

Prediction for tonight : Ireland 1 France 1

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