Friday, June 11, 2010

If Things Ain't Going Right, Go Left.....

A poll conducted earlier in the week before the publishing of two damning reports into systematic failures of government, bankers and regulatory bodies concerning the banking crisis here in Ireland shows that the Labour Party are now the biggest party in the State. This is the first time this has ever happened.
What's worrying most of all for the present incumbents is they only manged to register a measly 17% with Fine Gael now in second spot on 28% and Labour leading the way on 32%. Is this perhaps the beginning of a major shift in the political landscape of the land? A leaning to the left that has over the decades threatened at times but never really materialised.

I've mentioned before that I'm all for Capitalism but it has to come with a social conscious. A middle ground of sorts to help return the country to a state of prosperity but bringing along all of it's citizens for the ride and not just the chosen few who have benefited because they have towed a party line when it comes to direction.

So what happens now? Not much if the recent past is anything to go by. A vote of no confidence in Brian Cowen's leadership will be held next Tuesday after a day of debate. Political spectators side that he will sail through the vote propped up by the party he leads. If any Fianna Fail member ever had ambitions to lead the party the time is ripe now to challenge. OK, it may send them crashing to the back benches for a time but Fianna Fail is going to have to come up with some pretty great ideals in the coming years if they are to ever lead again after this present mandate they have.
In my opinion they made some very bad mistakes in recent times, none more so than what the young of this country have to carry now in terms of social welfare payments which were smashed in the last budget and the unemployment crisis. No longer are the days when children followed the party of their parents choosing, they are well able to make their minds up for themselves.

Fine Gael will also be worried to fall under 30% for the first time since June '08. Let's be honest it's the lack of a convincing leader that will out do them should they be out done. It seemed they were coasting to a term in power but this current poll now throws up all sorts of outcomes. Could Enda be ousted? Perhaps he'd be better suited to a portfolio. Maybe education? Maybe Richard Bruton should step up to the plate now.
The man of the moment is Eamon Gilmore who I touted as possibly the best taoiseach we may never have way back sometime last year. Looks like I may very well have jumped the gun. After this poll he could well be on his way.
It's an exciting time in Politics. So many possible scenario's , so much going on behind the scenes. As Brian Cowen made his trip around the broadcasters yesterday defending himself and his party after the publishing of the reports he spoke like a man who's up for the fight. But I bet in his heart he was glad those polls were not carried out today. I mean could they sink any lower. They'll attempt to ride it out until the Summer recess but when we eventually get down to the nitty gritty of what was going on over the years that brought the country crashing to it's knees they may very well be a non-entity with no-where to go. My ol' Granddad will be turning in his grave.

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