Saturday, June 12, 2010

Well Roo Who?

I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to football these days but it's been a dreadful start to the World Cup. I have to find out the name of those horns they are blowing but a month of that is bound to test any love for sound a viewer may have.

The day kicked off with the surprise semi finalists last time out turning over a Greek team lacking the passion we have seen on the streets of Athens in recent times. Could the Koreans be the surprise package again? Short answer, No!

Up next were the Argentinians who breezed past the best Nigeria could muster and despite the 1-0 scoreline it was a poor reflection on Argentine dominance. Messi could be the one to watch and if Diego can weave the magic again like in 1986 for his country, then they have to be a force to be reckoned with. Heinze's goal is the best of the tournament so far. If Maradona can lead them to glory it's hard to know what status his fellow countrymen will bestow on him. He's already a God despite his fondness for coke in times past and also McDonald supersize meals. I hope he just leaves the 1990 Lou Diamond Phillips impression in the cabinet this time round. Bet he was as high as a kite during that game. A few hours later he was banned from the tournament. It's strange the make-up of a legend sometime.

I hate to go England bashing but they were woeful tonight despite taking an early lead through captain Stevie G. Having finally decided that Rob Green was going to be his number 1 , Rob duly obliged Fabio's faith in him by handing the US a draw when he made a clanger best seen in an U-6 match on a Saturday morning. it was laughable really.
If I were David Beckam I'd be creating a little distance. One should always be thinking of future endorsements and let's face it, this lot may end up doing Sainbury's advertisements. Poor old Fabio, who always struggles for a smile handled glum throughout with an Emmy winning performance.
It's hard to know with England. they could come out next day and click and win by a hat-full but you need to hit the ground running in tournaments like this. It's obvious their back-line is short of a world class player or four and a midfield combo of Gerrard and Lamps is never going to work. Rooney was doing his Thunderbird impersonation mostly and that is a shame because he could nestle into any teams starting eleven. He could even play for Meath. He wore the look of a man who was fearing that half his team mates were texting his missus.

Day 3 tomorrow. Bit of a yawn day but then those are sometimes the days that deliver the unexpected. Gives me a chance to have a look at the efficiency this time round of the Germans. They'll always be there or there abouts, you don't win the tournament 3 times, reach 7 finals and 11 semi finals without knowing what it takes to handle a tournament like this. If they hit momentum they could have a shout too.

Least there's good banter on RTE even if Apres match is disappointing. Watch Dunphy and Giles in a little double act as they round on the man in the middle. It was Souness tonight. At one point he was fit to burst as Gilesy lay smugly in his chair and Dunphy wore the look of a man who can't believe he actually gets paid to do it. It's classic TV.

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