Monday, July 12, 2010


'Reflections, I've had a few,' as Frank Sinantra never said.

It's the day after the night before. Nothing much has changed. It was and always will be a terrible world cup. There were glimpses of the tournament coming alive in the latter stages which failed to materialise and all the tournament did was highlight all that is wrong with the beautiful game in it's present state with it's at times sickening salaries, overly hyped stars, dodgy footballs, bad officialdom and it's apparent love affair with big-time endorsement of the multi-national kind.
A ruling body that's run by a fool, a sport that is now threatening to diminish as a direct result of a failure to keep up with modern technology and a game suffering at it's heart by the implementation of scientific strategy on the field. It's a bit of a farce really.

Memories? I have a few. Never thought I'd see a Dutch team 'play' like they did last night. Brutal it was. Loved the Germans and their approach to the game. There pedigree is evident at every tournament. They are a young team that will emerge soon enough.
Lampard's goal that was disallowed. The mis-firing superstars who went home adding nothing to their legend. The antics of the French team as they dishonoured their nation...again. John Terry talking like a leader when it wasn't his place. Roger Milla endorsing Coca-Cola. Ronaldo endorsing himself! Memories indeed.

However let's not forget those who achieved personally. Diego Forlan, a worthy winner of the player of the tournament award. Thomas Muller won the golden boot, an award that swung his way for his assist account. He also won the Young Player of the Tournament.
Rumours that Theo Walcott is trying to convince his girlfriend that he would have won it if he had been brought have neither been confirmed or denied.

And so it's on too... well i don't actually know to be honest... 2014! A place where the Irish will go into folklore as the first island to win the world cup against itself when the Republic narrowly beat their Northern counterparts 88-89 on penalties after the team played out a 7-7 draw, aet.
From there, who knows?
Don Booker, welcome to The Brown Mouth Club. Personally endorsed.

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