Sunday, July 4, 2010


It's been a quiet week on the writing front. I sent off another couple of submissions and received no rejections. I've been researching who I submit to and they all differ greatly. Each submission guideline seems to be different. Some even allow for a longer query letter by inviting you to mention where you see your writing career going.
Trying to learn about the publishing world is tough. There are so many takes on writing and publishing and it's a mine field at times. It's with that in mind that I also explore self-publishing avenues and there are some interesting ways to go which I will share if I eventually end up going that route.

I don't find to many reads that tell us of first time writers and their avenues into publication on the net. Perhaps I'm not delving deep enough. I think the best people to learn from are the people who have done it. People who once sent out their first book submissions and all that went with that. They mean a lot more to me than what I can learn in an a-z of how to get there. I guess every one's route is different.

I'm looking forward to beginning work on my anthology short story and get back to doing some writing in that format. Still not decided fully on my direction but I've narrowed it down to a couple so I'll decide this week. Will be good to do it. I won't go into all that's been happening elsewhere but will over on my film-making blog in the coming days. Time seemed so aplenty, now it seems to slip seamlessly by. Strange days.

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