Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Brian Cowen woke up with a bit of a head on him this morning. He allegedly did a stand-up routine and sang a few songs as he sipped porter with his parliamentary party colleagues late into the night.
He did an early morning radio interview where he appeared hungover, mixing up words and appearing to slur others out. FG TD, Simon Coveney was soon on Twitter brandishing his wisdom to his followers and all of a sudden it had swept the World that Ireland's leader was having a bad day.
The troops rallied and defended their leaders integrity and accused the FG party of 'a new low in politics.'
I guess it was not as bad as last years think-in when Farmers threatened to take over the country.

George Michael was sent down for two months today after being found guilty of driving while under the influence of Marijuana. You would think the guy could afford to have someone drive him around.
It's not the first time the singer has had a brush with the law because of his decadence and his fondness for a joint. He's previously been cautioned for a similar offence and who can ever forget when he was tapped for trying to pick-up an undercover cop in a LA public toilet.
I wonder if reality bites for Michael's tonight when he snuggles up for the night. Somehow I doubt it.

By the time you take to read this line a child will die of starvation.. Another will die of a disease easily cured in our Capitalist World.

Put's things in context I think.

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