Sunday, September 19, 2010


I managed to finally finish a draft of a feature film script for a friend this week. I can't say anything about it at this stage except to say I found it very challenging because it probably wouldn't be a genre I would normally write in if the material was written for myself. I liked what I got to work from a lot, and what it was trying to say, and I'm definitely looking forward to getting back notes for the next re-write.
It's also nice to work with someone and have that support when it comes to development. When I took up the challenge of writing it I found I was asking myself if I could do it or not; and trust me I struggled at times. I finally put the words Fade Out at the bottom of the script at 5am on Saturday morning after an eight hour stint where it all finally unravelled for me, but in a good way. Let's hope my mate thinks the same!

I want to be able to write across a number of areas. Step outside some safe boxes and tread new territories. It's part wanting to be a writer who can mould a story and put it together in a readable way and hopefully have people read it. But it's also a want to learn and know things about the one subject that will never give up on the writer, and that's the subject of life.
I could write a thousand, actually make that a million words, to describe life and all it's complexities and wonder, sometimes in equal measure, sometimes not. But most people would say that I think.
A thirst for knowledge also occupies a need in this writer. To learn about the world and find out new things. It's also about the challenge, the need to know if perhaps one can see past the 'I can't do this' sentiment of the past and maybe make a few steps towards leaving it there.

I've so much to do in the coming six week. I said I'd have Booker's World out by the end of October. I intend on keeping to that. With moving and writing, I've ignored it for a number of weeks now. I'm still undecided on lots of things and decisions now have to be made.
A few people I know are working on books at the moment and I'd love to be able to offer some outlet for them to publish if they want too. It would be nice if life allows over the coming years to publish a few books in genre that interests me so who knows. It certainly wouldn't have even been a thought 12 months ago.

Next year I have pencilled in a second book and make my first feature film. A very lo-budget affair, but I always said to myself my first one would be like that. I've admired filmmakers, some took chances, others rented their bodies to science but they did what they had to do, to make their first films. It's always inspired me even if some of the follow-up material was a tad 'suspect.'
Life's in good shape right now despite the recession. But perhaps there are other opportunities out there. New ones. Ones that in days of old might never have been fulfilled if the damn thing never happened.

Congrats to Jason Mehlhorn on winning the best documentary category at the first Underground Cinema Awards in Dublin last night. Jason has also just finished work on his debut feature film and could be on many 'to-watch' lists very soon. I hope he won't mind me saying that.

So as the new week dawns, so does a new word which has been doing the rounds today here in Ireland.
Taoiseach'd ~ To get shit faced, pissed, drunk.
It may even enter the 'lore of new Irish words, one that may even get a campaign behind it for inclusion on a forthcoming edition of a Collin's Dictionary.
That's the best thing about us as a people. We always retain a certain amount of humour, especially when we're down. That's enough to know we'll be OK in the long run.

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  1. Taoiseach'd - what a great new word! I shall look for an opportunity to slip it into a conversation.