Friday, October 1, 2010

Ryder Reflections.

As week's go, its been a lazy one. I'm going through my manuscript again, tweaking here and there. I can't leave it alone. It's getting tight now and with each passing page, I'm locking them, promising not to return. It's a nervous time, putting something out into a world is difficult, especially when your doing it by yourself. Because the buck stops with me once it's out there. Good or bad. A year in a life...

I went to the launch of the Boyne Berries Anthology last night, where a piece of poetry i wrote eleven years ago in Jersey was included. It was the first time I ever read before an audience, and it was nerve wracking to say the least. I enjoyed the contribution of others who also read their work.

Had my political eye on Ireland this week with final numbers out on the cost of the banking crisis to the taxpayer-or citizen, as Vincent Browne would like us classified as. It's horrendous, and with an inept government steering the ship into further economic contraction by way of upcoming cutbacks, the doom and gloom that's out there will continue. Ever heard of a stimulus guys? Heaven forbid if it actually worked.
Polls suggest Fianna Fáil and Fianna Gael are neck and neck with the Labour Party romping ahead by 9% points. Rumours are abound that Enda Kenny may be having a reflective weekend and something may give there next week. Having rode it out till now, it's hard to see Enda stepping aside, but if he doesn't Fine Gael can kiss bye-bye to steering the next ship. What's a Mayo teacher to do? Vincent Browne was describing dark rooms, a gun and a bottle of something for the guy last night. And people find politics boring?

I've been trying to find a place to put my desk in my new office. It's a tough thing to choose on and I console myself as I lie on a comfy couch with my feet up and laptop on legs that it's best not to rush decisions like that. The room is quite cold and the cost of oil, well...
It will be decided on next week and I'll start working from there. Start facing up to the task of cutting through red tape so I can get the book out finally. There's not much more left to do now, and I'd say the end of October deadline is achievable.

Knowing what all that entails has sort of put me in pause motion this week. I have been looking forward to the Ryder Cup, having followed both the European and US Tours all year. What a great season it was for European Golf with Graham McDowell and Martin Kaymer weighing in with major titles. Who will ever forget the fall of Tiger Woods, though I do get the feeling he ain't finished yet.
European Golf is in good nick when the quality of Paul Casey and Justin Rose can't get into the team. I'd closed the diary of life and prepared for a golf fest and duly got up and 7am this morning to see things get under way. It did and the atmosphere was electric as the opening four matches got under way. Then the heavens opened and play was suspended and only resumed at 5pm with all four matches beginning their turn for home. The Europeans, who I expect to win handily had the better start, but the Yanks caught up in the evening and were just shading it when the light failed. After looking forward to it so much it was a bit of an anti-climax today, so one can only hope that tomorrow provides some decent weather and some fireworks. It has the potential to be a great tie still, if the weather behaves itself to some degree. Tomorrow will see the finish of the opening fourballs followed by six foursomes, followed by two foursomes and four four balls.

Confused? Good. :)

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