Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ryder Returns

The rain was once again unwanted, and play was interrupted meaning the Ryder Cup goes into a fourth day for the first time in its history. Europe roared back today, when they took five and a half points from a possible six in a strong showing to go into tomorrows singles leading by three points. Europe now need five points from a possible twelve from tomorrows singles to regain the famous trophy.

Deficits have been overturned in the past, the battle of Brookline in 1999 springs to mind, when whipped into a frenzy, the US overturned a 10-6 overnight European lead. I think this one is beyond the Americans, given the home advantage Europe have and the fact that European golfers have been far more dominant this year on tour.

It's going to take a little bit special for the Americans to turn this around. American captain Cory Pavin, who's patriotism toward his country can't be questioned after he wore a military cap during the Ryder Cup during the first gulf war, will attempt to rally his troops before battle commences tomorrow.
Pavin has raised a few eyebrows by opting to use Woods and Mickelson down the pecking order and rely on lower ranked players to start the comeback. By the time Woods and Mickelson have finished it is not inconceivable to think the tie may already be over.
There is a want in European faces that I've seen before and when I've seen it, Europe don't lose. To a man they've been outstanding so far and Monty must have enjoyed his dinner tonight. He has nothing but a complete believe in his players and that will be enough to carry them home tomorrow.

S. Stricker
L. Westwood Westwood to win.
S. Cink
R. McIlroy Rory to ride a wave of support to win a close battle.
J. Furyk
L. Donald Half match.
D. Johnson
M. Kaymer Kaymer to steady for Johnson.
M. Kuchar
I. Poulter Poulter all the way.
J. Overton
R. Fisher I'll give the impressive Overton this one.
B. Watson
M. Jimenez Half match.
T. Woods
F. Molinari I'll give Woods the nod here.
R. Fowler
E. Molinari It's Fowler for me.
P. Mickelson
P. Hanson Half Match
Z. Johnson
P. Harrington I'll give Zach Johnson this one.
H. Mahan
G. McDowell Can't see past G-Mac.

That should give Europe 6 and a half points and a comfortable victory, but then again, if I really knew anything about golf, I'd be there writing epic articles on the game or at the very least trying to get some dirt on Tiger for The National Enquirer.

Sorry Tiger, that was uncalled for.

On to Monday...


  1. Overton/Fisher should be a dinger in they play the way they have been at their best.

  2. If I hear one more, 'Get in the hole,' from a Yank I'll put my foot throught the TV. I can understand it after a putt, but from the tee? these guys are jokers.