Wednesday, December 15, 2010

81 Men & Women.

The 15th of December. The day the 'bailout' was finally forced upon the Irish people, most would say against their will. Sold to external forces in what I reckon will become a fire sale of all that was once ours. It's hard to imagine a bigger vote taken in this country in recent decades which will have so much impact on ordinary people's lives.
A vote won by 81 votes to 75.
81 names now forever etched in the history of this country as having allowed our sovereignty be sold, so bankers and developers and God knows who else, can get off the hook for their wheeling and dealing and sometimes corrupt lines of business. 81 Patriots. Don't make me sick!

On a day that it was announced that leading civil servants within the Department of Finance are to receive bonuses, some in the region of huge. A Department that has been the central figure for all of Ireland's woes in recent years. A Department whose head ranks as the worst Finance Minister in Europe. It all quite sickening really.

The Greeks once again took to the streets in a national day of strike action and there was running battles between police and protesters. Tear Gas and petrol bombs. One Greek Politician was rounded on by the baying crowd and was left bloodied as he left Parliament. EU leaders won't be happy looking in. Add last weeks clashes in London and the recent French actions and it appears to be a time of revolt among the citizens of countries currently undergoing ruthless austerity measures.

Meanwhile Iceland continues to march in defiance to the world. Not just the IMF, but they are also doing battle with major credit card brands in an alliance with Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, currently in jail facing extradition to Sweden on charges including rape. They are drafting a new constitution and holding some of their politicians fully accountable for their own economic collapse. A lot to be admired when it comes to national pride.

Where to now? Well, with an election looming after the Christmas 'break,' we won't be turning any corners any time soon. An election. It's almost laughable that we would even contemplate voting in 90% of these fools again.
Speaking of percentages... A poll in tomorrow's Irish Times will show Fianna Fail and Brian Clown with the lowest percentage points ever in the history of Irish Times polls. Will it reflect when it comes to the crunch at the polling station. Anything but a whitewash, well, it may be time to dessert the sinking ship and head for warmer climes. Who'll have me?


  1. I've seen Fianna Fail take seats again and again. Even though they have pretty much shit on the people that they ground under foot. Remember, it's the upper echelons who gain most by having their kind in power, or at least with enough seats to make sure their bonuses and perks keep rolling in. The working classes are treated like grazing cows by these individuals. They don't care whether we live or die, as long as we pay there bill and say thank you for letting us do it.

    The Irish could follow the Icelanders example in a heartbeat; Just don't pay back on credit cards. Burn the fucker. What will happen? They are hardly going to send what, 100,000 people to jail for not paying back to the organisations that have enslaved them for the foreseeable future. Got a car you can no longer afford? Got a loan from the Bank to pay for it? Leave it up outside Dáil Éireann with hundreds of others. Tell the Bank to fuck off and wipe your arse on the letter they send you. Then reseal it and sent it back. There is a lot that can be done to fuck these assholes up. Don't give up. Don't give in. Band together. Get to know your neighbors again, and help each other like times gone by, when we shared resources, before we were forced inside by fear mongering by the Media. I'm so pissed with these assholes.

  2. The fight back for me is showing the working classes taking charge for themselves and demanding the change, no longer should they be the 'cows' for the establishment.

    As for the 'Media'. Real journalism is finding ground cross the net. My fear is a clampdown on Internet freedoms in the year ahead.