Monday, February 28, 2011

Dangerous Liaisons

With just a few seats still to be filled in the 31st Dáil, the negotiations begin in earnest today to form the next government. The smart money, if the talk is anything to go by, is on a Fine Gael and Labour alliance. The two biggest parties now in the country. I'd suspect a deal with be hammered out quickly and they will set about the serious business of governance with the possibility of political ruin at the end of the tenure should it go dramatically wrong. That's the new political scene in Ireland now. Screw it up and the electorate will make you pay. Ask Fianna Fáil.
The cost of paying off politicians who failed to win the minds of the electorate this time around stands at a whopping €60 million. Not only is that immoral in the present environment, but set against the social degradation the austerity measures they subjected the lower and middle class people of Ireland to, it is also deeply shameful.
These people should be booed every time they show there faces in public again for the shame they have brought to this country. A scene reminiscent of the closing scene of Dangerous Liaisons is what spring to mind.
It's not very graceful to find oneself joyed at the downfall of people and the death of their careers, but I am. I'm in my third year of unemployment thanks to them shysters and despite every avenue I have explored to address that, the systems they implemented could not give a toss. Why should I now care what happens to them?
The one man I was particularly pleased to see ride off into the sunset was John O'Donaghue. Shame on Ya!

I'm not going to mask over the fact that things are very much likely to grow worse before they get remotely better. Barring a job offer from abroad in the short term it's here I'll be.
I personally dread the thought of a Fine Gael government because, they have very much a similar principal as the party we have now virtually destroyed.
But my confidence in Irish folk has been re-affirmed over the weekend, and with the growth of left leaning parties and representation in opposition, a strong voice will be heard in Dáil Eireann should any shysterism be practiced under the noses of the Irish people. It feels like we have a fighting chance.

I'm buoyed by the shift I have seen in recent days. Feels like there are people now representing the interests of the ordinary people. Highlighting injustices on a blog has taken up quite a bit of time over the last few years and I think that time may now be put to better use in another environment. A more out there, on the ground approach. It might make more of a difference than this in the long run.

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