Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Talkin' Spudz!

I've punched in 40 hours already this week and the bank balance remain static. I climbed into bed at 4am last night, and before I knew it I was still awake, planning for the 'morrow in the one place planning should not be carried out. The head.
I was involved in a battle with Final Cut, an editing suite I'm trying to teach myself.
Tutorial again.
On it went, the only break coming when I finally had something to render. Fly down to the back door, ciggie in mouth, gaze up at the moon between the naked branches and wondered what ailment the bird I could hear singing had, to be opening its beak when all around slept like normal specimen.
As the clouds glided by, they gave off a slight orange glow beneath the moon light. Clouds used to be white and grey, but a musty orange? Of course I put it down to tiredness, I'd no way to gather a sample to present the argument for pollution. Luckily enough too, I'm not sure where I'd have found the time.

I'm in the midst of finishing a business plan I need to submit to finish up the course with The Bolton Trust. A form of writing I could do without.
I also had to write up a submission for a social entrepreneurship grant I'm applying for to attempt to set up things a little quicker than they seem to be coming together at present. I made the deadline by 3 minutes. It's important to me so time well spent.

The things-to-do list seems to grow longer with each passing day at the moment. If I was working for someone I'd be a wealthy man, that is of course if the government didn't weigh in to the tune of 52%, vat not included.
I heard a shocking statistic earlier where 1 in 5 boys leaving school in Ireland before the age of 16 can't read and write. I couldn't believe it. And Capitalism works?

The election campaign continues to lumber on. I haven't been following it much. Why bother? Chopper has more power in Ireland than Enda ever will.
Fine Gael are going all out for an overall majority, and Labour are lagging because of it. Fine Gael could form the next government with a few obedient Independents. Even the Greens are putting their hands up to be involved. I'm sorry lads, but your main guard need to go into the wilderness for being the prop of the government you's remained part. Drivers of austerity, it goes against the grain and the principal...
With a bit of luck they will reform under a 'New' banner post election with a more moral focus.
Fianna Fail are now polling at 12%, an historical low and a worrying aspect even after a shift in leadership. Sinn Fein remain solid at 10%.

Fine Gael probably have the best front bench on offer with maybe the exception of their leader. There will be little room for any mistakes once in office or Enda could find himself shafted in double quick time. Hope you're reading, Richard. ;)
It would be nice to see Labour align with the Sein Fein even at this stage, just to halt the arrogance Fine Gael seem to develop with each passing day and poll. At least the people would have some choice.
People are calling for stable government, but in my view a government on its toes is more likely to perform. I think we may be another five years away from any significant change in Ireland. 2016 - 100 years on, starting again. There's no doubt about it, the political system in Ireland has been the nations downfall. The very system put there to serve and protect the populous, but one that really only serves the ones paying their party subscriptions.
Funny how Labour could secure the €1 million election pot as a loan from a bank. I thought they weren't lending?

There are movements for change happening in Ireland. How united they can be in their approach will define them eventually. In my view, TD's need to be answerable to their electorate even if it's only an hour a day, and it has to be done publicly by ways of a forum. When there's a vote to be had, they address their electorate, the electorate make the decision, the TD carries those wishes out.
Some would say that would lead to a chaotic system of democracy. Well take a look around folks! It can't get much worse, but being the realist I sometimes become, it can, and it will.

Better get back to this battle. I'm trying to find a way to create a talking potato.
Coming soon...

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