Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Defence Most Fowl

Once again it's scandals on the national front that are occupying the time of our esteemed members in Dáil Eireann. Michael Lowry rose today and spoke for nearly an hour defending with vigor, and a disturbing level of affirmation, his reputation after the findings of the Moriarty Tribunal last week. He said it was a witch hunt and that CAB and the Army could be sent in to investigate him, and they will find nothing. I'm not sure why Lowry brought the Army into it, but he'll be glad to know The Criminal Assets Bureau are indeed on their way, with 15 investigators already appointed to the case. The Dáil debate into the Moriarty findings continues tomorrow.

The subplot to this latest disgrace within the corridors of power is Fine Gael's receiving of donations from Denis O'Brien. Michael Martin bellows on about the fact half a dozen current Ministers were Ministers back in the time of the then offending administration. Unfortunately, it all rings hallow. Not the fact, but who's preaching from the fact sheet. That's going to take time to change. Anything under a generation will be a major surprise to me.

The Mahon Tribunal is due to report in a few months time. It will give its findings on Bertie and those horses. The cost of both have run into hundreds of millions, bulging the bank balances of the legal system.
I assume that money is abroad, they are hardly daft enough to have them in Irish banks. With just a few token gestures of jail time, it's been a steep and expensive learning curve into how this nation address' corruption at the top-tier. I think its time that charade ended. Send what we know to the Gardai and CAB from Day 1 and let them do their job. Costs less, and there maybe the chance of a little satisfaction and equalization between the many tiers we now find our society divided with.

No let-up either later in the week with the results of the bank stress tests... Oh, the stress!

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