Friday, March 25, 2011

Future Bestsellers

I was having a think earlier about some titles that may appear on the bookshelves over the next twelve months. Given that there is little accountability in Irish society at the top-tier, who's to say a few of these potential authors wouldn't be granted huge advances, tax exemptions and possibly awards for their powerful insights. Of course, it's all a little fun...

How to bankrupt a Country and Walk Away With Multi-Million Pay-Off.
Brian Cowen.

Ivor Callahy

Paul Gogarty

A Guide to Top Irish Golf Courses
Brian Cowen and Sean Fitzpatrick.

How We Cost the Tax Payer 50 Million.
Dan Boyle & Don Booker

The Sour Grape
Don Booker

Don Booker

Denis O'Brien

Michael Lowry

The Age Of Austerity
Brian Lenihan

Filthy Cash
John O'Donaghue

The Nick Of Time
Bertie Ahern

How I Destroyed The Greens.
John Gormley.

How I failed to destroy Fianna Fail.
Brian Cowen

The Comeback Kid
Michael Noonan

How To Grow Your Own.
Ming Flanagan

50 Ways To Wavy Hair Wasters
Mick Wallace Shane Ross

Why I'll be Taoiseach
Gerry Adams

The Second Fiddler
Eamon Gilmore

Mary Harney

Joan Burton

The Great Oil Giveaway

Told You So
David McWilliams

The Winner In I
Enda Kenny

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