Monday, March 21, 2011

Oil ~ A Love Story

What makes the world go around? It would be fair to say quite a bit has been written on the subject. Love and money have been suggested and a growing consensus among many that perhaps it's oil. Of course that's all nonsense, the forces that swirl us around are far more sustainable than any of the aforementioned.
Love, even pure, is eventually broken by time, money is now stored in virtual reality with zero's pulled from the sky, formed from the misery of most. Oil, the black gold. The planets chief tormentor, bar none.
As another coalition of the willing is pulled together and sanctioned to act with force with weapons of terror reigning down from night skies, it would seem that 'Mad Dog' Gadaffi's days are numbered. He remains defiant and attempting every ploy available to him in an effort to cling to power. Freedom from tyranny is the coalition call, but despite the way the world spins it, more and more people are aware that it has nothing to do with people and their human rights. Nope, this is about sustaining the elements of society that deal in war and oil to further their own agenda, no matter what the cost in human misery.

One only has to read this article and it becomes pretty clear. It's oil, and it's a fact and no amount of spin can deflect from that. That's where the mainstream media play there cards. Spin. It's pictures of explosions, burnt our wrecks and dismembered bodies that is selling the advertising space today. That's the marketplace.

When intervention is selective, like it is time and again with 'the willing,' any objective view has to wonder why atrocities are allowed to go on in Bahrain and in Yemen and, yet there is no fear of the night sky in those countries to date.
What has been done to the people of Gaza on a daily basis is shameful, yet 'the willing' stand idly by, at great expense I might add. Darfur?

I certainly don't buy anything other than the oil card in Libya. Tomahawks into people don't go. It's a simplistic formula, but it makes it's point. It's tragic that human life is held in such low regard, so profiteers of doom can continue on their path in bringing the world to its knees once again. What lies behind the reasoing and the logic defies any intellect I have. Perhaps that's why I'm unemployed, hey!

Freedom ~ a viscous liquid derived from petroleum, especially for use as a fuel or lubricant.
Taken from Don Booker's alternative dictionary.

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