Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gardening Leave

The weather for the weekend is looking good and there is a garden outside in serious need of attention. Maybe then when the next Bank Holiday weekend comes around , the weather will play host to some serious down time beneath the rays. It's badly needed.
There hasn't been a single minute to spare since the turn of the year. Bad news about Booker's World threatened to derail everything for a while, but it got there in the end. The worry is it will sink before it even gets a chance. More dealing with the powers that be in the coming weeks. Not looking forward to that.

Somehow I feel, CV's I have posted on Jobs websites are getting lost in the slush pile. Even with the mass emigration, it's not reducing the unemployed number to any degree, so competition for the jobs that are there for the taking is fierce. There's a jobs strategy supposed to be announced soon. There have been a few before. I wonder what is the cost of putting together these reports and strategies which carry very little weight.
There was war in the Dáil today with arguments about how the lolly from the sale of state assets is going to be used. Some believe it's going to the bondholders because they haven't a shilling. Others believe it will go into jobs. I'll believe it when i see it.

Right wing ideas have brought us to where we are. Day after day there is article after article about the amount of money being paid to bankers who are about as useful as Paris Hilton and to the 'important people' at the top of the public service.
To hear top government ministers say they are powerless to anything about these things really makes one wonder. Eh, didn't folk just elect you into POWER. Use the bloody thing.
The general consensus, coming from them who earn the most is cut, cut, cut. Workers and unemployed. Those who failed us continue to get away with blue murder in this country.

Wind up RTE and get some rival newspapers out there putting the truth about what's going on instead of writing it in language beyond most people. Stop 'bailing out' the shysters and maybe help bailout a few of the innocents of this fiasco. Irish people left here need to be able to think for themselves. You can't go outside the door these days but there stopping and checking people for everything.
'Not for profit,' I think the line was. More lies.

Over the next three months I'm going to write a draft of a crime novel. I think I've done all the prep that needs doing by now. I can't write to a detailed plan. It would take the joy out of writing it. Plenty of late nights to come.
I keep seeing Australia in my dreams. White beach, warm blue ocean and constant sunshine. And a surf board. Maybe it won't be to bad to get out for a while if it comes to that. It's looking like it now.

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