Monday, May 2, 2011


In an alternative universe, a little known writer going by the name of Tom Clancy pitches a publishing exec a storyline that begins with the world's worse terrorist atrocity and ends with a burial at sea by a crack commando going by the name of Chuck Norris, who has hunted the world's most wanted man for almost a decade.
Clancy leaves the office with the laughter from the exec ringing in his ear. He drifts off into obscurity, aided daily by cheap whiskey, until his death in a cheap motel just off Sunset Boulevard. Found in his coat pocket by the motel porter - let's call him Dan Brown - is a page of code which sets Dan off on a hunt that leads him to places the world dare not go.

But alas, like it or lump it, believer or not, alternative universes are not the reality for many, except the most die-hard of quantum physics buffs, and it's this universe which our sense of reality dwells. With people dancing in the streets and Osama is Dead parties being set up on Facebook, the figurehead of terrorist group, Al Queda took a couple in the head following a raid on a compound in Pakistan overnight. He was buried at sea in the aftermath, and as the conspiracy theorists around the globe begin to form their arguments, the leader of the free world claimed the world is now a safer place. But, is it really?

The world changed on September 11, 2001. Of that there is no doubt. But it changed for the worse. Before that, I felt an air of hope for humanity, but what I discovered since and what has unfolded in terms of war and attrition before the eyes of the world, that air disappeared and so far has not returned to this day. Not when one takes a worldly view on things.
I've stated before that I think there are more unanswered questions than answered questions which stem from the events on that tragic day when over 3000 innocents lost there lives. Will the world ever get the truth? Probably not.
There is round the clock coverage of the days events on the propoganda machine the world over. I suspect a delay in photographic evidence for a day or so, perhaps to deal those early 'theorists' who decide to have their say, perhaps to leave them with egg on their face. Conspiracy theory is an industry these days. Fuelled by the Internet. Big business.

It's all perfect timing for President Obama as he is about to launch his campaign for re-election in 2012. This should make him a shoe-in now. But with Sarah Palin and Donnie Trump his most likely adversaries, maybe he was already.
What has his Presidency meant to the world? Three years in one would have to say it has been disappointing, especially having viewed Inside Job, the brilliant Oscar winning documentary which lays bare who really has control on the way the world is run. When we look at what has happened here in Ireland over the past few years, it's easy to see some similarities, with the exception of some stimuli. We bottomed out, so we really didn't have that choice, so it's good old austerity for us. And you really wonder why? In a world of plenty.

There will now be reprisal of course. That is unavoidable. And further down the gutter the peace and stability of a world always on a knife-edge goes. With uprisings in the Arab World, a turbulent Middle East, a European Union in economic chaos and an America divided, it's like a perfect storm which have those apocalyptic projectionists among us, soon marching us to Tel Megiddo to have it out once and for all.
I'm sure some people do try to make sense of it all. There's the Yemeni leader who can't get enough of this on his I-pod. Why is Gaddafi is being bombed from the skies, but in Syria, Bashar al-Assad, can order the shooting of his people at will and round up men under the age of 15 and take them away to stamp out dissent and the Americans don't go bombing him. Of course there are worse authorities taking place across the planet, but these are rarely covered. Why? Well, maybe that's a question you have to ask for yourself.

In another universe, a foul mouthed Irish Rocker going by the name of Robert Geldof takes over the world's mainstream media with the help of a hacker by the name of Marko Zuckerburg and a blogger, Donald P. Booker. Robert proclaims a week of dance the world over. Everything shuts down and those urging us back to work are sent to the Arctic where they have no choice but to join in the festivities in efforts to stave off hypothermia. And on the seventh day they rested and nothing was ever the same again.

As me old mate Leon used to say, 'Life's an absurdity. Accept it, get on with it, and add to it if you can... It's about all you can manage to do.'

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