Friday, May 20, 2011


So the Queen took her leave of Irish shores this evening with Enda Kenny inviting her back at some stage. The old dear is 85 and with a husband rambling towards the ton, it is hard to see that coming about. But, you never know.
Beneath all the pomp and ceremony lay the true meaning of the visit. A reflection on all things past and a chance now for all on the island to face the future, mindful of that very past, but no longer perhaps shackled by it.
As an Irishman i am proud of the country this week, i do believe the security and the kinda exclusive feel the whole thing had about it could have been handled better, but at least now the 8,000 Gardaí can get back to putting some of those that ruined the economic land behind bars and putting what's left of the taxpayers money to use that will benefit and enhance this land further in the years ahead.

I'm a boring old sod these days. Not sure how that came about, nor do i think about it to much. Past few weeks have felt like months, mainly due to the fact that I am building up to having to square off with a government department on what has become a bit of an issue with me since the New Year.
Since the old sod came into play, I have always felt the need to set little goals for myself, the feeling that one gets when he hits a certain mark, reward enough in the knowing that things can go somewhere for once, if only all the political speak is met with some actualities.
When I approach this department again in the next week, armed with more than I had the last time I did, it is with an air of apprehension that I did not feel the first time around.

But maybe its the air of goodwill and corner turning that seems to be around the place of late, even if i am refused again, I simply won't let it bother me. I'll just become more pro-active on the issue in other ways. Others of late have been braving their own struggles laid upon them by this recession out in the public domain. That's what Ireland needs right now.
To much sucking up has been done in this country over the years. To many people in each others pockets.
No matter what has been done to us economically, this is a new Ireland. The past four days have been testament to that. The few that wish to continue to derail what we have achieved as a people have no sympathizers any longer. Hopefully they will listen to the silence, and let those fallen, finally rest in peace.

Ireland needs good people at the helm over the next decade. The people are the ones that will get them there. It's important we know who we choose and that they are held accountable to those that put them there. That would be proper democracy. The people of this island are more than capable of choosing the future path for this country.
If we need supposed important people to do that, then so be it. But let's return public service to what it is. Service. Serving the wishes of the electorate. Few will disagree that we choose right when we put the final touches to our own peace process and in referendum united to say that we wanted the bloodshed to stop. Now we want the thievery to stop. That the 'equality' the President spoke about in Dublin Castle on Wednesday night is present and felt by all. Then we can shape our society.

The Celtic Tiger cost this country in the long run. No doubt the majority of people lost the run of themselves. If lessons are learned and we truly want an Ireland that our forefathers died for then read the words of our constitution. They set the marker. They died for it. So why not honour it? Ireland can be a world leader in many respect. We just need to modernize the thinking of the land and politicize it. Do what Olivia O'Leary suggested some months back and inspire the kids at an early age to think for themselves, not to be afraid to fail once the learning is constant.
Bring philosophical thinking to the forefront of our education system. Let's ask the big questions on how we should shape our way back to sovereignty, have an adult debate and more referendum if needed.

Wall Street's favourite son, Barack Obama is here on Monday to claim his ancestry. Three-quarter the way through his first term, his presidency has had its moments, but none will define him more than making the call to take Bin Laden out. I'm not sure great Presidents want that sort of call to be their defining moment and let's hope it wasn't.
Time, like everything, will tell.

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