Tuesday, May 17, 2011


On a symbolic day when it came to light that Arnie Schwarzenegger had fathered a child with the help and Dominique Strauss-Khan made his way to Riker's Island, didn't the Queen of England look radiant in that shade of Green she wore as she became the first reigning monarch to set foot on Irish soil in almost 100 years?
Greeted by Eamon Gilmore on the tarmac, she was quickly whisked to The Aras where she was greeted by the President who in turn introduced him her to Enda, before the camera's were told to leave so the VIP's could have a spot of lunch and The Queen could be bathed and re-dressed to a more sombre grey for her visit to The Garden of Remembrance.

On the way the cavalcade was a sight to behold such was the pomp and ceremony, but only witnessed through TV screens as Dubliners were banned from their own streets for fear of hostilities being shown toward the English Head of State.
With the streets empty it resembled a scene from a post-apocalyptic Dublin, where the people have been eaten by a posse of Northside Zombies and only VIP's with an antidote dare to travel the streets by day.
Poignant moments were shared as wreaths were laid in what was the standing image of the day, before her Maj was whisked the short distance to Trinity College where more VIP's awaited to show her around.

It was nice to see Brian Cowen out and about looking unfit as usual, and there was even an appearance from a worried-looking Bertie Ahern. I tried to lip read what the former taoisaoigh may have been saying between them, but I can't be sure. I think it went something like this -

Cowen : You've got some nerve showing your face here.
Bertie : That's rich coming from a face like yours.
Cowen : Call yourself a republican?
Bertie : At least I never sold the country.

That's all I managed to attempt to read before the camera's quickly realised they were embarrassing the country and turned their attention once again to Ma'am. I swore I saw Prince Philip laughing at Cowen... and rightly so!

The camera's were sent packing to add commentary to the events of the day for historic importance for broadcasters, national or otherwise. A republican element had a few running battles with Gardai and snatch squads managed to grab 21 of them, but apart from a bomb threat or two, the day passed off peacefully.
Ireland in that regard has changed it would appear and in the interests of a peaceful Earth someday off in the eons, well that's a great thing. Even Gerry Adams appeared to down his guard and let bygones be bygones. Who'd have thought we would ever see the day?
How the history of this old country of ours pans out, today does mark an enhanced opportunity for the old enemies to move forward. With respect to Bertie Ahern he was instrumental in bringing that peace to this country.
With respect to Brian Cowen...

So as Ma'am beds down for her first night in Ireland, my insider in Riker's, Pimpy X (not his real name) has said that DSK and Bernie Madoff have had lunch today in the private quarters of the warden.It's an important world, after all.

Right, I better be off to make a start on some writing. One piece is a post-apocalyptic political based dystopian epic. Provisionally titled, The Enemy Within. It will take about 13 years to complete. The other is a bio of Arnie. That's called, Terminated.
It's tough at the bottom!

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