Monday, June 6, 2011


We were promised a heatwave and as usual the rain came to spoil it. One day we got, spent preparing the garden for the sunbed of course, before she decided to empty down on us. It's amazing how in recession the promise of just a little sun, especially in Summer, can lift the spirits. But no, like Fianna Fail a few months back, we were denied.
I wonder if we will be as unforgiving to Fine Gael and Labour next time around. It amazes me as I read around how people seem upset that they have been shafted at the ballot box. Still at the very least, maybe the good people of this island might finally be waking up and an end to cronyism and family dynasties in this country may be at an end in the next hundred years.

Being long term unemployed at this stage almost makes me a veteran when it comes to discovering every single piece of bad politics practiced in this country since the Summer of 2008. That's being generous to those in its practice, because it has been going on for many years here.
I have never on this blog bought into the media line that it was because our politicians were just morons, because there is no way any rationally thinking person could believe that such a calamity could take place like that. That's like letting a kid run the country, one with a grudge for society. As the life blood of this country is sucked from us in any way possible, the establishment continue on their merry, removed way. For some strange reason not a whimper from the multiple classes that now make up Irish society.

Not sure if you remember the SSIA saving scheme back in 2001, where the government matched every four euro people saved with another one. Free money in other words. I wonder how many people used that money to get their legs on to the property ladder and where they stand today with regard the equity on their purchases.
Would it even be possible to suggest the whole thing was just electoral posturing by Fianna Fail to number one fuel 'the bubble' and number two to make them re-electable at the time some investment matured. It must be soul-destroying for anyone who purchased houses or decided to become a developer at the tail end of the Celtic Tiger. Of course these days with the exception of the establishment, this country is being bled dry of its educated people and remaining money. No, the boo-boo was just to big for it all to be classified as simply mistakes. There has to be more at play.

Ireland is supposed to be a neutral country, yet Wikileaks have exposed in the past week through a national newspaper that everything that goes on in this country is relayed to our buds over in America. If you've been following the cables then you'll know politics once again comes out smelling of stink. Doesn't seem to bother many though. Shows total disrespect for the men of 1916, yet these clowns will lavish themselves in 2016 when it comes down to celebrating what they died for. I wonder where the rest of us will be then?
The ordinary people are so benign to how this country operates at times that it borders on unbelievable. The classic case in point in all this is Corrib and what has happened over there with Shell Oil and how the government have propped their planet-killing every step of the way.

And what lies beneath it all, but Greed. What good is having everything when your gone? Perhaps there is something we mere mortals just don't know about?
As science wings its way towards an answer to everything, I sometimes wonder what will change from our present understanding over the coming years.
Matter, anti-matter, maybe even it doesn't matter. And as they split the atom and delve further into the quantum I have a very funny feeling that when they do get in there to the point they can split no more, perhaps lying in wait for them will be one pretty firm middle finger. Now wouldn't that be absurd?

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