Friday, July 22, 2011


Apologies for not being about much this week but I've been on the rip with Darren Clarke for 93 hours straight. I wish...

Yesterday proved to be an historic day, dependent on what emphasis you place your historical importance. Let's start with the bottom feeders in my own particular history book.
EU leaders, under market threat of toppling the Spanish and Italian economies, scrambled to Brussels yesterday and in record time decided to lighten up a little and dealt debt-ridden countries a few minor concessions in how that debt can be paid back.
The 'savings' could amount to €600-800 million over the lifetime of the repayments. It might be something, but in an ocean of debt it will still drown us, as when the debt runs into the hundreds of billions, the sum mentioned above might be better spent rectifying the situation springing up in Somalia at the moment and actually make a damn difference to the World.

While the fiscal deficit remains a challenge in most countries, with Ireland handling it as poorly as anyone, it is the debt laid on the nation by the previous government which sunk us for the generation to come. And all for what? So the Establishment could play in the biggest casino of them all without fear of losing.
Lives will be lost as a result, the social consequence will be devastating and we should not forget the exodus of a hundred thousand Irish people to foreign shores. And this is an acceptable way for those charged with direction to govern? Not in my world!
The big question though for the layman must be how do financial sharks make World leaders jump to the beat of their drum. A little investigation will make you realise that in fact it is the sharks who control everything and our puppeteer leaders may carry themselves with the suave exterior of importance, but even they must envy the power at the very top. Many will know how they have continually failed the Planet in every way possible. Silent voices mainly, for whatever reasons.
The problem is the Planet is run for the most part by a Capitalist driven agenda where 'survival of the fittest' is paramount even at the expense of those around us. Sometimes, even those closest. Yet people remain lost, unhappy, caught up in the endless spin of chasing all that's fed to them through the mainstream in terms of what we think we want and the pursuit of that, only, if lucky, to realise the chase is just not worth the ride, especially when the game is rigged.

With the US having reached it's debt ceiling, the leader of the free world face having to raise the their own debt level. Austerity is the name of the new modern game. If you're lucky, I guess. And there probably lies the irony. Because it really doesn't have to be that way, nor should it be. Power should come with a mission statement to eventually eradicate itself when humankind is made responsible for itself. The problem is a few don't want it that way, the rest of us unfortunately for the most part remain blissfully ignorant, hence no change that is making any sort of impact.

With the Americans out of money, the last Space Shuttle flight concluded yesterday morning with the safe return of Atlantis from the International Space Station. Not only will the Americans not be going into space in the short term, but thousands of jobs now cross from human endeavor to corporate type space Trekkie companies taking the super rich on day trips into space.
We have no resources to explore an infinite universe, but plenty to rage wars and plunder the planet. One hopes that there is no-one watching in. I think the word delusion would have another meaning on Super Planet.
I guess a little humility goes a long way sometimes. To get to it may be a worthwhile undertaking, but it's a tough nut to crack at times when one looks around at the world we share. The one thing I do know is if we choose people to lead us who are involved in one of the greatest manipulations of all time then we are doomed. Because if 'leaders' can invent money to bailout countries and starvation, wars and social inequality is still the norm, then you have to ask the question. Is it them or the people that put them there in the first place that are at fault? When individuals ask that question of themselves and can answer it properly, then maybe the chance for change will remain a possibility, but equally so, maybe not.

Darren, you still up?

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