Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Divisions & Diversions

I love the blog if for little more than a chance to ramble for a half an hour, before a very basic edit and proofread and post. Not sure why I do it still, I thought I'd be well sorted work wise by now and with one thing and another, I'd lose interest in it. That's what usually happens, right? Today's wingers could be tomorrows comedy, and if there is an element of truth in that, well it might be worth the time. Most days now I don't take things to seriously, well in the last week or so anyway. Bottom line, there's little point. I'm pretty cemented now in my view on life being an absurdity so best to roll with it, accept the freedom it gives and go about creating your own meaning, even if that means getting up certain noses at times. But sure life's an arena, what's a little banter every now and again.
Caught wind of some expansion in Europe tonight, a step closer to whatever end. The Welsh are welsh, the Scots, Scots and the English, English and I'll always be Irish. It should mean more than hanging off the coattails of Europe. What's the point of fighting so hard for Independence when it gets chucked away so easily. We've gone so far off the path the constitution laid out for us that I wonder sometimes what was all the struggle for. Why are people constantly herded into groups whether they like it or not, when there's nothing more evident than the fact that humankind is as diverse as it is individual. Talk about straying off the path of Evolution!

Nooner came out tonight and said he will 'be directly feeding Ireland’s views into the discussions on the proposals at Euro Group and Ecofin meetings and with his other Finance minister colleagues.'
Ok, fair enough, but am I the only one who really thinks any one of the European hierarchy care what Nonner thinks. Nothing against the man, but what about Ireland. In there, we're pretty insignificant. If we learned how to stand on our own we might actually have made it, considering the diaspora we have worldwide. The countries that matter in the future will be those that lead the way in health and education and tolerance. Not the ones chasing the chance to ride the debt train and profit from those zero's they just pluck from the sky. Good job the Universe is infinite, hey?

Across the water the political divide seems to have come around again. Cameron, a son of privilege continues to lay down the moral laws to the masses. He wants to bring in a U.S Supercop to lead the fightback to civil society - or his delusion of it anyway. The Police Service in England must be mortified.
OK, every dude is worth a chance. But he's failed already in my mind. Here's a guy who wants to cut the number of police yet hires a guy who shouts for more policing. Here's a guy who hired the ex-editor of The Sun news paper as his head spin doctor. Even Tony Blair did a tad bit better than that, and Alister Campbell was awful. The spin doc in question, Andy Coulson, is currently caught in the cross hairs of the phone hacking scandal which goes it seems right to the heart of the establishment itself.
So no, Cameron is a complete failure already. He's slowly alienating his police service and hires the editor of a tabloid newspaper. No other term for it really. Bet he's good a portrait of Maggie herself in one of his homes. Came from bankers, I believe too. But leading a party like The Tories, I'm not surprised given their roll of shame. I'm no moral agenda setter myself, but Dave Cameron can dream on if he thinks the good people of the UK will be swallowing his particular brand of economics and social values.
But Ed Miliband said - and rightly so - that MP's and bankers also have to take a look at themselves in the aftermath of the rioting. Is New Labour dropping the 'New'? It's definitely a hint of a divide in a world where left and right politics are dangerously close to a super merger even Warren Buffet would be proud of. There's certainly none of that to any great degree in Ireland and even a left alliance is but a dream when Labour so easily sat beside a party who condemned a government for years and then gladly took up the mantle and headed off in the same direction.

I wonder if the Americans will fall for another Texas governor. I'm beyond thinking that the impossible can't happen. Unfortunately it seems we see it more with each passing day. If democracies have a responsibility in choosing their leaders then a greater emphasis has to be placed on who those leaders are. But it would be a brave man, or woman, to stand up to Corporate America.
Obama could very well be a one-term President if he's not careful. I often wonder if we could go back to the scenes at his inauguration and leave him in that moment, but move the crowd up to today, would those iconic pictures be as inspiring? His backroom team will have to pull out every stop in this one. From a political prospective there is nothing better. I read Hunter S. Thompson's Fear & Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 last year. Could there be a better six months to be had than following the buses around, a writing hack to anyone that pays and gives you the freedom to write what you like? I'm sure there is...

As me old mate Leon used to say, "Life. It just sorta follows you around."
When he had one.

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