Monday, August 1, 2011


I spent the evening down the local listening to a truly outstanding singer do his thing. As a result, my young lad now wants a guitar and has been busying trolling through the pages of ebay looking for one this evening.
In the normal course of events as one rolls towards forty, one might be looking for one himself. Take up a hobby. But after a marathon editing session over the weekend, one realised, for now, there is little time for hobbies. Though an order will be placed over the next day or three for his.

Leaps of faith are one thing, but doing them are another. The way this society is set up here in Ireland is beyond bafflement to some at times. The ineptitude in public service is astoundingly bad in some quarters. The amount of money going to waste is astounding. I would have thought Doctors would have some calling to that profession that wasn't shouting just the money. I thought politicians were meant to represent all of their constituents and not just a few. That's the world I had shaped for myself early in life. I couldn't have been further off the mark.
I hate not knowing what the immediate future holds for some reason. Maybe most have similar worries or concerns as well. Living in a day is easier said than done at times. I'd love to do a documentary sometime on someone who has not had any outside influence rammed down their throat at every juncture and see how they view the world. Finding a subject matter for that in this sphere might be challenging however.

Word from Washington is the feuding 'sides' of the political establishment over there seemed to have reached a deal which will save the US defaulting on their debts for the first time in history. They vote later on an extension to their debt ceiling. Prolongs the practice of phony economics for a little longer.
I really don't know why the self proclaimed leaders of the free world don't have control over their own currency. You'll have to go back a hundred years to know why, and even further back to discover what is done to any threat that transpires to shut down this cowboy ride that has been going on for centuries and for the benefit of who?
In a world where a credit rating agency holds economic stability in a glass it threatens to drop at any time, you realize politics is a front for the direction they wish to impose on ordinary people. But more realize this every day, so perhaps it can be reversed, but when in it's present state it regulates little deterrent against all forms of fraud lost in small print, fighting it with austerity against innocent people will only ever breed a culture of apathy and rebellion, which unfortunately for the most part serves little purpose.
It remains to be seen how it all unfolds, but we seem to be going further and further away from any leftist approach with each passing week. And all the right brings is collapse, austerity, taxes and the promise of everything that delivers nothing. Even perceived lefties have bought into it. That's a pretty big shift in political culture. It's hard to see how a more credible economic model could evolve given the interest some people have in its present form. What do people do when they lose it all and realize the game is rigged and it's always has been that way?
You rarely hear about it because it don't come through your particular box. And the only reason why that is, it serves no-ones interests except perhaps the individual themselves to be able to think for themselves and heaven forbid, even form opinion on somethings.

Syria murdered over 100 civilians in Hama yesterday as the world watched on via the Internet. Without the use of technology no-one would know any different and genocide of this type would go unheard of. Yet the word on the street is the 'International Community' is they are helpless to respond. But yet they are doing a fine job in Libya, where they have stripped Mad Dog of his leadership and given seized assets to the rebels. See, I don't see the difference, except of course for oil. Surely Hollywood and some Navy Seal Unit could hook up with Louis Theroux and live- stream the capture of Syria's leader and deportation to The Hague into the Oval Office. Might boost Obama's ratings too, coming into election year?

In Booker's World I touched on some social issues in Irish society. One of those I wrote on was civil right, especially Irish views on civil partnerships. While you know it has been a long struggle toward those rights for some, especially here in this Catholic country, it was the election of Senator David Norris as this countries President which would have done more for that particular 'issue' than any other single thing.
A few weeks back, controversial remarks made during a 2002 interview threatened to derail the political academic, but Norris had a surge in support which saw him still top every poll, despite struggling to secure support for a nomination.
Over the weekend it emerged Norris had asked Israeli authorities for clemency for his lover who had been convicted of statutory rape on a 15- year old boy. Norris insists at the time of writing that he will continue, but the episodes are beginning to show on him. It's rare to see David Norris without his smile.
It appears all of Don and Mitch Booker's presidential hopefuls are falling to the wayside. With other hopeful Vincent Browne not even figuring in the betting, we may be forthrightly marched toward future prosperity by a little piped piper with a fondness for poetry. That if Labour Party Policy doesn't derail his chances in the meantime.
Rumors are Michael D. is running Eamon Ryan close in the vote for the award for Political viral with outstanding contribution to production award at this years Fianna Fáil drink-in.

Strange oul' world we live in sometimes...

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