Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dole Daze

I've been following a story for a number of weeks in my pass-time and keeping up on all things connected to conspiracy. It's a direction I perhaps should have went off on two years ago instead of writing Booker's World. But then I would not have got shorted for the Man Booker, would I?
One can still dream, can't they?

You've all seen this, right?

...and you've heard about this?

...but you know NASA's got your ass -

...or do they?

And then you think of possible hero's -

Like this guy and that swing of his.

Or this Bay Watcher

... and then you realize that it's important to emigrate as having too much time on your hands is not a great thing and eventually leads back to Facebook -

...And the 47th viewing of Trim's best kept little secret -

And ya know it'll all be OK.
In the end.

No pun intended.


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