Friday, September 2, 2011

The Door

So Blogger's got a few new swanky features. Sometimes I prefer the old. Take Facebook, it used to be a place where you could hang out for a few hours, have a bit of banter and generally just use it as a new form of selective socializing. It's new, may as well try it, hey? But of course having gathered many business acquaintances along the way and a host of newbie friends, Facebook became a drag and was slowly torpedoing the way of MySpace. Privacy Issues had the hounds out and after Google launched +, forcing Facebook into a reaction, the spread of information may have slowed somewhat, but there are smarter ways of getting it and that can't include alienating your visitors. Facebook can be rather draconian and dry and humorless on days. Recently I lightened the friends list somewhat and see if i couldn't get back to the days where a little banter could be a flowing. I've yet to try out +, not sure i have the patience to be figuring it out and what use it is at the end of the day. There are people better equipped to do that, I'm sure.

While Fianna Fail go to war with one another over their decision not to run a Presidential Candidate and Bertie weighing in with believe it or not, a plausible argument that he could have won it - given the list to date being offered a life of luxury while the nation drowns in a sea of debt.
Could they split? There's no doubt there's a handsome re-branding contract there for someone for he who can figure the Irish - Rules! So I guess it's an achievement of sorts on a certain degree.
The argument for debt forgiveness is not exactly raging, but it's causing whispers behind the backs. Why not cancel it all for a few years until we figure some things out? I mean we own the banks who want the debt, so in times of economic stress shouldn't Nooner be more radical in his thinking in search of a populous census based on the common good at a time of crisis? He's cutting a Euro swagger in a lean time. Good tutoring going on in the corridors of Brussels I'm sure. Top tutors too. Listen to me talking like Don Booker.

The Autumn is here - I think - which means darker evenings, fires, and a garden full of leaves. I can't wait. I wonder what elements I might have to encounter in Western Australia if i can find a way in. They used to say 'There's opportunity out West,' back in my Granddaddy's day. Now it's, 'There's opportunity down South.'
I wonder how the Irish cope with the constant sun. I'm hearing little complaints from the growing number of people I know living over there. I'd be an easy sell if I was hired to get folk over there by selling them what they have as opposed to what they could have. In a time of mass migration, wherever or whatever the causes, it may be places getting a shot at a sustainable future that cop us up here West on a little bit. If you can give people a certain security they'll want better things. But when the future is tail end up here in Ireland it's hard to see anything surfacing anytime soon.

Year 1 - The Letdown
Year 2 - The Fightback
Year 3 - The Letdown II
Year 4 - The Door???

Of course it could all work out fine - in both places. Nothing that a nice big Euromillions win wouldn't sort out, or a few budgets. Stranger things happens in Larryland. Speaking of which, I better get back to it. I found two good new friends on my travels who are going to help me shape the Booker's World novel. Big credit due because without the help putting it out as an ebook was always a concern. It's been difficult to get the help needed and when it came it came from afar. That's the good thing about modern forms of technology and human communication. You meet people who don't just buy into the illusion played out around us which deflects from living life the way people would like too. If that sort of technology and savvy is directed correctly who knows what can be achieved - But if it is by-passed continually for more corporate ends, I feel it like raw capitalism, it is doomed to failure. I think people are tired of the BS, the Corpo of tomorrow will be based on what they stand for, driven by their stakeholder. If that stops at the $, their probably are better forms of gambling to be taking. Well, more fun ones anyway. As Penelope Stoppit once said, 'World's Changing, Baby!'

It sure is - every single day.

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