Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Who's The Boson?

There a **** load of work being done behind the scenes - of my mac - as temperatures plummet and oil becomes a luxury of the rich. In olden days we'd head out and fell a tree. Then hunt a stag with only an arrow and if it all worked out it was happy days around the campfire talking nonsense for the evening. I wonder what our ancient ancestors used, or did, to keep warm back when say, Bronze was God. They must have been hardy beggars. Not like them, Jedward! But hey, good luck to them. It's nearly Christmas. Which can only mean one thing.

Considering most of my efforts over the past few years have almost ended the character, Booker seems to stick around more of necessity of time and the black fact - there's not much fuckin' choice. Hard times call for more subtle language - don't ya think?
Unemployment at this stage is a (strong expletive). It's not so much the money end of things but more the time end of things. I count myself lucky in that I have ways to keep busy. But I've come across a few caught, twiddling their thumbs, trying to keep things afloat. It is not a pretty sight.
My latest burst of energy is brought on by a '**** all to lose at this stage' point of view. There is ways and means out of every hole. Ask your man the whale swallowed in the Bible. What was his name again. Jonah? Isn't there a book on jobs in there too? Maybe Fr. Harney does has something worthwhile to say at Friday night poker after all.

Most of these bursts get shorter in duration. It's easy to lax back from the world. Not so easy coming back out. I've been revisiting much of the early part of this blog in recent days as part of an idea I've long wanted to do and it paints a sorry enough picture. And I'm only on January, 2010!
'It'll all be worth it someday,' as Leon used to say.
Give it a shot anyway. Nothing to lose. If we're going under, I may as well try and go under with it. Hopefully above in Donegal - during the Summer.

There's a lot of mouthing going on about aspects of the budget right now between the parties. That's all it will mount to. One more week is all they have to get over before the big Christmas getaway. Have to say the 'non' debate about the Household Charge is a fine deflection from the real problems. The total disregard to doing anything about the state guarantee, standing over ex-minister pensions, the loss of our sovereignty and the astounding fact that not one single person has been held to account. But that's Irish politics for you. In some European countries it must be entertainment to watch it all happen.
The dye is cast for Ireland in the new year. I'd say now, it is already cast. As the new treaty is drawn up now, it will go two ways. It will be worded in a way which won't require constitutional change hence avoiding the need to ask the people (heaven forbid) or it will be sold to the people in fearful ways, and let's face it, they won't have to try to hard. Nonner may lose the smile for a while.
In the event of going solo the stark reality is -under present conditions- we'd be pretty screwed. We'd be free, but with our political system it wouldn't be worth a damn.
I must rake out my old Lisbon 2 videos I have somewhere. That was my first fight with the Europeans. I lost. I'm never so non anything that I'm going to rule out another go at them - and New York taboo - but it's early days. Let's weigh up the bull first. After the Christmas and January festivities. How could anyone be honest if controlled by a bias?
€€€€€'ss ?

It's what all this integration will do is what worries me most. To what and to who's end does it serve? There has to be a danger in a superstate where the superstate is formed against the will of the people it is supposed to serve. Never mind the historical elements involved. The thinking is we have to be bigger to compete - to compete with third world countries with first world economies. That also spells a certain finality as the unemployed become societies bums and low paid workers pay higher taxes, charges and levies, just as the cost of services reaches unaffordable rates.
Some in Ireland would say Ireland benefited greatly from being in Europe. But these are new days. Technology is strong. How about we start benefiting ourselves for a damn change instead of waving it all away to be part of something that may go terribly wrong someday. It's new pages in history books Ireland should be writing and not getting lost among the columns in the back pages. You know - like my writing.

It seems to be more editing and developing new ideas at the moment. The two don't mix well most of the time. There is a lot of 'what the fuck is happening' out there, but it seems that voice is being marginalized somewhat. There is not enough being done.
I laugh at way there is talk of an unemployment crisis. There's been one for years now. 1 Year is now called long-term. Wonder what that makes me? Nearly down there with the lifers?

Still at least there is a possible referendum to look forward. Dress up as a Commie and hit Dame St for the conversation. I'm hoping there will be better conversation next year. Gets boring talking to yourself all the time. Does sound different though as the knees bounce off each other with the cold.
I might be asked where the hell I was all Winter by those stronger soldiers of life who reside outside the Central bank up on Dame St. Maybe I'll stay where I am.
It's been a topsy - less curvy year. So many collisions here at home and around the world. New democracies opened up, but to what end. The portrayal of a savage society summed up by the butchering of Gaddafi in Libya. Oil is such a crude thing. Banks heisting away. Government the bitches of gamblers. Old wounds opening again East and West. And Michael Jackson's little one - wanting to be an actor.
Let's hope for the most part the wind down to 2012 starts about now. 2012 could be a bumpy ride. But as Bill Hicks used to say, and quoted many times around here, 'It's all a ride.'

Ain't that right, Mr. Boson.

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