Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Republican Nova

It's a wind of fury that's welcoming in the New Year raft of cuts and taxes which took effect from New Year's Day. The rains pretty icy too. Still it could be worse. We could be a young, innocent child living in Tehran or Baghdad as 2012 starts running - where just seeing the year through will be the ultimate goal.
I'm sure nonsense was meant to be a subject for a bit of banter and the occasional ridicule, but not the word used to describe where human society stands at this juncture in our thought-evolution.
But unfortunately, as I see it anyway, that's the best I can describe our current set of ideals into how we are going to get ourselves out of our current ponzi - peaking predicament.
Us being humanity, that is, - assuming people have a belief in such a thing, after the start we have had to the current century. Nonsense it is. Strangled in debt or dying in poverty depending on an individuals Geo-political position on Planet Earth, the only ones going anywhere are those who deal in such things - for profit. It's disgusting when you thinks about it. Be it enslavement due to unsustainable debt or victims to a large weapons based complex used to profit from human misery - misery that costs hundreds of thousands of lives in wars served over resources, largely belonging to other nations. What will the human race fight over when it all runs out?

It seems the American Presidential parade has been going on forever at this stage and yet, it hasn't really even started. Just about every Republican that have put themselves forward to contest Novembers election against Barack Obama to see who gets to have their finger on the button for a four-year term, has led the polls at some stage. That's the media for you.
Obama has been a flop - no real sense in saying it any different. So many promises, equal number of let-downs. If the Republicans had a good candidate to step forward, I'd have no doubt in my mind that Obama would be a one-term president.

American Republicanism is stained after the tyranny of George W. Bush's presidency. Unfortunately Obama has followed a similar path in foreign policy with Gitmo still water-boarding, Iraq on the verge of civil war after their withdrawal, Afghanistan in turmoil, a middle east in crisis and a war of wills currently going on against the Iranians.
Not to forget that relationships are strained with Russia, China and Pakistan and a clear class divide in-house between the so-called 1% and 99% has also to be dealt with.
Meanwhile America continues to leak jobs to emerging nations, has a massive deficit, an economy going no-where. Americans now not only have to deal with homeland security and home intelligence agencies, but now also have to run the gauntlet of being indefinitely detained if their voice poses a defiant tone toward what America is turning into.
The National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) Obama signed silently into law as the bell tolled midnight and brought in a New Year will have ordinary Americans wondering where this erosion of rights came from, especially in a country which has designed itself on freedom and civil liberties through their Constitution and Bill of Rights. The signing of this bill was barely covered within the American mainstream media. We don't need to wonder why...

All these things will give Americans who think for themselves something to mull over as the Race for the White House gathers pace with the Iowa Republican Caucuses holding their contest today.
Polls suggest a slight lead for Ron Paul, but with most of the candidates holding a poll-topping position at one time or another in the media frenzy of debates, ideals, cock-ups and public appearances, momentum at this time will be important, even if the result lends little mass when it actually comes to selecting a Republican runner at the Republican National Convention in late August in Florida.

Here's a quick rundown on the main protagonists at this stage -

Ron Paul is a congressman from Texas. He has served in the military and is known as a conservative libertarian.
On the plus -
are his less heathen foreign policies than his party counterparts and wanting to end the Federal Reserve System which privately controls the American dollar.
On the minus-
would be his nonacceptance of evolution as a theory and his ultra-conservative stance in certain areas such as gays serving in the American military.
Paul is the best candidate on paper for America at this time, but one feels his progression is being hindered by his exclusion as a serious contender by the American mainstream propaganda machine led chiefly by Bill O'Reilly and his circle of wannabes.
Should Ron Paul win in Iowa, his every secret - true or false - will be known by the end of the week. That won't be good for a 76-year-old heart.

Michele Bachmann is a Congresswoman from Minnesota. She was an early front runner in the polls. Various polls have her anywhere in the top-5 over the last few months, though few consider her much more than a Sarah Palin wannabe. Known for her anti-gay views, loose mouth and love for foot-long corn-dogs it is difficult to see her winning the nomination, though don't be surprised if she is pulled from the pack to stand for VP.

''It's a free for all feeding frenzy out there and this little piggy has no shame in admitting that I want to get to the top of the hog trough."

Newt Gingrich is the former draft-dodging Speaker of the House - the third most powerful position in American politics. A former Baptist, Newt became a Roman Catholic in 2009.
He has written numerous books which have been aided to publication by Rupe Murdoch of Fox News fame. A known flip-flopper on many key issues, he is in favor of increasing American military spending. He has been married three-times and is known in Washington for a wandering eye. It may prove his downfall, but he can't be ruled out.

Mitt Romney is a former governor of Massachusetts. He is aiming to become the first Mormon president of the United States. Some estimate the former businessman's net wealth at close to a quarter of a billion dollars.
Romney lost out on the Republican nomination in 2008 to war-monger John McCain and is seen as the front runner to win the Republican nod. Again known to flip-flop on the issues, he supports a withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, increases in military spending and sees Iran as America's greatest threat. A win here in Iowa and in the New Hampshire primary next week may make the nomination race a non-event thereafter - but such clear water is rare in American politics.

Rick Perry is the governor of Texas, taking over from warlord, George W. Bush. Perry is the new poster boy of the neo-cons. During a campaign which saw a good start, Perry has appeared drunk on occasion, forgetful on others. A committed proponent of Christian values and the death penalty, he is also a committed homophobic. He is also a global warming septic, but to his credit is not a fan of the Federal Reserve. Hard to see America falling twice - but you never know.

Rick Santorum is a former senator from Pennsylvania. He is another of the neo-con poster boys, a supporter of the War on Terror and neo-con foreign policy. In recent weeks Santorum has gained as other conservatives have faltered and rumors are out of Santorum-Bachmann 'dream-ticket.' He is also a homophobic.

John Huntsman is a former governor of Utah and is regarded as a fiscal moderate conservative. He has chosen to by-pass the Iowa Caucasus to concentrate on the New Hampshire primaries next week. If Wall St. decide to get rid of Obama - Huntsman might be your man.

Former Pizza guy, Herman Cain's name will appear on the Iowa ballot, but his campaign has been suspended as Cain attempts to keep his family together after numerous sexual allegations were made against him. His 9-9-9 plan however remains a talking point.

All in all it amounts to a bad series of political X-Factor, doesn't it? Hard to see any of them really making any lasting contribution in the great scheme of things. Which doesn't bode well for the next four or five years. With new emerging superpowers America could be in real danger of losing it's head at the top of the World table - which may not be a bad thing.
It may give middle-America the room to reflect on what has been a catastrophic start to the new century for them.
America, throughout her history, has tended to rise to serious challenges, especially in matters of definition when it comes to deciding who they are.
There ideals have taken a wayward turn since that awful day of September 11, 2001. It has served no-one well, in particular ordinary Americans themselves. With the class divide widening, it appears America stands at another of those defining junctures. They've tended to get there, often at a huge price. I just wonder where she'll stand eleven short months from now?

My money's on an Obama-Romney showdown come November. I think Obama is in real trouble, and it won't be his talking that gets him home this time. He's going to need a whole lot more this time round. 'Cause the charm offensive is gone.


Thanks to Terry McMahon for the use of images from his Independent movie, Charlie Casanova which wiped the film festival floor last year. Charlie will soon to be released in Irish and UK cinema's and has been acquired by Pan Labyrinth and The Wrestler distributor, Optimum/Studio Canal.
Throughout January we will be using images and quotes from the movie in an effort to promote the film here on the blog and continue the blogs support of Independent artistic endeavor in whatever form it takes.
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