Saturday, May 7, 2016


After seventy long, wet and cold Irish days, Dail Eireann finally elected a new taoiseach yesterday. To consolidate the lunacy, the new taoiseach is also the old one, bright spark, Enda Kenny.
   The accidental taoiseach became the first Fine Gael leader to be re-elected to the post - even if 75% of the electorate voted for the former school teacher to be sent packing. Kenny will lead a coalition government - don't be fooled by other terms - consisting of their old nemesis Fianna Fail and a rabble of 'Independents' selling out their status for short term local and personal gain. As you do in Ireland.            

Stitched together, stitched up, call it what you will, Irish democracy took another hit yesterday with the establishment parties once again using the taxpayers money to lure a government no-one wanted.
'A mutant,' as Larry would say.

Kenny was Haugheyesque in his giving in order to secure his place in history, a stint that is sure to be short-lived. If the coalition limp through the first six months they could well go 2-3 years, a ministerial pension being the strong lure for those who chose to prop up the same old, same old. Indications are that could happen, over half of that first six-months is an expenses-laden holiday.
   Who knows it could even go longer, if Kenny's inevitable departure provides a distraction in the coming twelve months and a more competent leader can be found within the Irish-Tory ranks. That might be a hard find, though I'll take a stab on Simon Coveney being that person having been seen wining and dining with the Bilderberg Group a few years back. But that's another story.............

It's too depressing to go into the list of new A & B Ministers. They offer nothing new. Coveney, Varadkar and Burton might feel a little shafted having been shifted from their existing portfolios into less-powerful ones. 29-year-old beanpole and spin soprano, Simon Harris gets the toxic Health portfolio.
   The only plus was a more gender balanced cabinet, with Francis Fitzgerald leading the female posse in the role of Tanaiste and Regina Doherty getting the whip.

In a parting shot, Labour leader Joan Burton ordered her troops, all seven of them, to vote against Enda's stewardship having previously backed him and even flirted with the idea of being bedfellows again.
   Obviously soured by the events of recent weeks over the issue of water, Joan remained defiant and proud of her parties term in government, before making her way to her true imprisonment on the back benches, just another number once again.
   To say Labour were chewed up and spat out is putting it mildly, an indignant end to an indignant term. They were warned. 

The 32nd Dail could very well be a historic one, but the reasons for that remain unknown. What is known is 65% of the electorate turned out to vote. Of that, 25% gave a vote to Fine Gael, equating to almost 550,000 votes. It's enough to grab power in Ireland.  
   Twice as many people did not even bother to vote. Making them realize the actual power they have is key to any significant change in Ireland going forward. That's a challenge that thus far as proved elusive to those who yearn for a more equality-based republic, where fairness is the rule of law and elitism is regarded as public hazard.

Larry, being a bit eccentric himself, might have liked new member of parliament, Danny Healy-Rae. When Ireland looks for people to take us forward though, the needle in that particular haystack would appear to be as distant as ever. Entertaining bunch, us Irish.

Let the games begin. 

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