Sunday, October 25, 2009

Enda Kenny Makes The Top 10 With His New Single, 'Smug Time'

31.35 million euro is the sum of expenses paid out to the people we vote into power in order to keep this great country of ours on the straight and narrow. That's AFTER we pay them their inflated wages.

Surprising , and only from the prospective that he will more than likely be our next taoiseach and should be setting an example, Enda Kenny is one of the top 10 claimants.

So it is not surprising after all that he only called for John O Donaghue's head after Eamon Gilmore decided to. I'm glad i called for Jod's head before either of these people did. His attempt this week to out do Gilmore in the outing stakes and his proposal to disband the Seanad was nothing more than a weak attempt at catch-up.

My Lord, what are we facing into over the next decade? I'm glad I don't frighten too easily. It could be the stuff of comic book legend that could only come from the mind of Frank Miller or Alan Moore with a twist of Foster and Allen.

For more on the Top 10 of expense claimants read this article in The Tribune.

Frank Miller.

Alan Moore.

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