Friday, October 9, 2009

Vincent Browne For President. Facebook Group Launch.

There is not a lot of things that can not be found on Facebook. There are groups for just about everything. I'd say people spend there days doing nothing but setting up groups. But groups are nothing without membership, so tonight I took the liberty of launching the Vincent Browne For President Facebook Group.

The idea is simple. It's two years to the next election for the office. So instead of having to choose between the candidates they force on us, the idea is to make an effort to gather enough numbers and messages to convince Vincent to run. If we get enough the rest will take care of itself.

Presidential campaigns in the United States start well before any election so i don't see why we can't get started early. Why am I endorsing Vincent Browne? Because i can't find a better candidate that's already in the spotlight and I think he would be a favourite across the class divide in the country. Bridging that gap is the key to a more fair and decent society, so what better man than Vincent to begin bridging that gap. Plus i believe he would be a great ambassador for the country , and will be particularly popular in presidential circles.

So swing by and join the group. Take a few minutes to tell others of the group and what it's trying to achieve and let's create our very own candidate for the office.

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