Saturday, October 10, 2009

Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize.

Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize yesterday. Some are on the side that the award is unjustified , given the fact his nomination for the prize had to be made before he was even in office two weeks and the fact he has been there only nine months.

He genuinely seemed humbled by it in a statement he gave from the Rose Garden yesterday. I genuinely believe his heart is in the right place , despite so many people lining up to put him down. Some say he is a socialist, looking and seeking a fairer America for his people. Some say he is weakening America by some of his ideals.

His Presidency will be judged at the end of his tenure. Then people can look back at his time there and make judgements. One man can never change the world on his own. But he can try, and lead by example and hope others follow suit. Kudos for trying , Mr. Obama.

In my lowly opinion a far more deserved winner would have been Morgan Tsvangirai and perhaps Obama's time could have waited. Some say it lessens the prestige of the award that Obama won it so soon.

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