Tuesday, February 9, 2010

George Of RTE

Brian Cowen must be enjoying his steak these past few nights watching the spotlight of the media shine it's badly lit glare on former RTE celebrity of economics, George Lee, as he walked out of politics after just nine months in the Dail, leaving leader of the opposition, Enda Kenny, with a mop in his hand.

The chuckles around Fianna Fail watering holes may actually ring to the tune that they are not finished yet watching the events take place. And what of Eamon Gilmore, he must be rubbing his hands with glee in what should prove to be an upsurge in polls for his Labour Party. He could quite possibly be the best taoiseach we never had but that remains a subject open to debate and not to be regaled until one reaches an old age.

George for his part walked out of Fine Gael... and his country, citing that he was having no input into party policy. Enda decided at the last minute to offer George a seat on the front bench but George still decided to walk away.
George then spent the day doing a tour of TV stations giving his opinion on the reasons saying he was elected on a definite mandate and when the party didn't comply with that mandate he felt he would be cheating his constituents and resigned.
A poll last night admired George's intrigrity to the tune of 83%. He now seems destined for a custy number in RTE and don't bet against him replacing Charlie Bird in Washington as Charlie will soon be home. He's feeling a little home sick and his return will be welcomed.
Fine Gael retaliated by saying that they had a big future planned for George in the party but that no one was bigger than the Party and George had no Divine right to a place on the front bench. They made it sound like George had thrown his rattler from the pram and just stopped short of saying that George didn't have the nuts for it.

You gotta love politics and all the razz mattaz. It's deep, down, and dirty and that's not even getting down to the working and unemployed classes. I certainly have to admire anyone who enters that arena because it can't be good for the heart. It's all descended into a laugh fest within the media while others suffer. But what if we all started laughing and downed tools and demanded real change both in our type of politician and also the political system. It's actually frightening when you realise the standard of leadership that is allowed to hold power considering the collapse of everything but our society. And our society ain't well.

Enda responded today by gathering the party hierarchy together and in a show of faith they stand firmly by their man. Enda apologised for his lack of media savvy and said he would do better. Questions of him not being able to lead his own party quickly expanded into questions if he couldn't control his own people how could be control the masses. I make it sound all North Korean and to be fair it's not that bad, for we are the Irish and we'll always be known for the craic. We'll always get by.
Enda stint on TV3 this evening made a promising start, but in a very Irish way. I think a country should be proud of the person that they choose to lead them. But how many times does that happen? Nelson Mandela? There's been a few! But alas, not enough to make an everlasting difference.

A right and left wing coalition is not what this country needs and especially not if Enda Kenny is chosen to lead that coalition. The political landscape is ripe with wonder if you follow such things.... a screenwriters dream , even if it's just political satire with a twist of absurd. Hell, if i could get a camera person and a sound man and a damn fine actor i may even have a movie on my hands.

Unemployed today... Cannes tomorrow.

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