Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's like Groundhog Day in the world of Politics lately with the resignation this evening of Green, Minister For State, Trevor Sargent. After the recent spate of resignations and walk outs it truly is a frightening state of affairs the embattled members of Dail Eireann find themselves in. If a General election would make a blind bit of difference I'd be all for it, but well, it wouldn't. Not by my reckoning anyway.

Sargent paid the price when the news broke at lunchtime that he had interfered with a matter concerning one of his constituents which was due before the courts, an unlawful act according to the law. Sargent immediately stood down and spared us the rubbish we had to watch last week in the Willie O'Dea affair.
The Greens put on a united front this evening and failed to rule out that their coalition partners were the source of the leek. 'A Minister for a Minister' as they say.
Surely Fianna Fail couldn't be so ruthless as to put the Greens back in their place so soon? A government now rules the land, one which continues to eat itself from the inside out. And well fed they look, the lot of them!

The Greens looked tired this evening before the TV cameras and no one would rule out a wipe-out should there be a General Election in the coming months. For all they once stood for now seems such a distant memory. It still amazes how power can change ideals.
Sometimes life lures me into intellectual debate and the conclusion can sometimes be 'Sure, what's the feckin' point!'.

All these recent revelations continue to deflect from the issues of the day, with unemployment still rising and a generation jobless. A generation. People of the land are still talking positively and last nights lively debate on The Frontline was interesting viewing, with a seemingly disillusioned and sniping younger generation being told by Mr. Apprentice himself Bill Cullen, to get up off their arses and find a way forward. One debater even went as far as to say it was every person for themselves now. Surely a country can't be run on such fuel. There seems to be little political will to change the system so it seems we are doomed to more of the same for the near future.

A new website called Your Country, Your Call has been set up where people can pitch there ideas on how to get this country back up on it's feet again. There are 2 prizes of a hundred grand for the winners of the best pitches worth a further 500k being made available to implement the winning ideas. The government have nothing to do with this initiative. That's the sad part. It can even madden at times. There about as useful as a condom in a shower!

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