Sunday, May 16, 2010

Slight change of direction....

I finally typed the words 'The End' late last week finishing a piece of work that took many many hours over a long period of time to complete. I've named the book, It's What You Leave Behind.
To be truthful when you start writing something as a positive move forward to a stagnant life but begin it as an angry ranter with borderline negativity syndrome, one certainly did questions ones will and point. But bore from that is a completed fiction novel totally 110,000 words plus and I finally managed to plot a structure and say what I needed to say in a way that did not call other people to arms over the sorry state the nations leaders have led us into. That was Don Booker's achievement.
Of course as most are aware Don is a work of fiction and I've been asked if the character will now be discontinued seen as the book is finished. I don't think I could do that to him in all honesty but although he will be still willing to out injustices as he sees fit he'll also be off in another direction over the coming while which hopefully will make some semblance of a difference somewhere over the months ahead.

With regard the book I'm glad it's finished and I managed to unravel the story in a way that has proved pleasing to those I have trusted for an opinion. They give me the confidence now to seek out a publisher for it. So although it feels like a load of work has now been completed I get the feeling it may only be starting so Don's new direction will also be a welcome distraction to that process. Having dealt with submissions on a script level before I kinda know what the future holds but I'm happy enough to say I will find a route into publishing even if that is as an Independent entity which is something I already admire hugely in my other area of interest in film making. But I've come to the conclusion that life's a journey and one that is so fragile that one really can not be affording the wasting of time and must carry on regardless.
Bold new beginnings or the rantings of a delusional. Only time will tell but it's going to a lot of fun heading into the coming weeks and months. When you realise you're really on your own you tend to back yourself a little more. And it's there Mr. Booker taught me the most.

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Lots of fun to come. Lots of things to do. Hopefully now that the novel is complete I'll try start a writers blog sometime in the future. Got a lot of help and support from fellow scribes along the way and I've learned recently that giving a little back usually comes back to me in many returns, most of which have been positive. Hopefully I won't be as neglectful as I have been around here lately.

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