Sunday, June 13, 2010

They Call Him Bill... 2

It's good to watch Bill O Herlihy throw the egg on to Dunphy and Brady's face at half time over their prediction that the Aussies would turn one over on the Germans tonight. It didn't take long for 'The Machine' to hit their stride and Australian hopes of an upset began to drown with ice-cold beach side beers.
It was a breath taking performance by the Germans as they dictated every moment of this one-sided affair and took a 2-0 lead into their dressing room at half time with goals from Podalski and Klose. It could have been four of five.

I'm surprised Dunphy didn't differ with Brady on this one it would have made for better TV but as he asked for mayonnaise for his egg a rather smug looking Didier Hamann sat in the middle and knew he wouldn't suffer the same fate as Souness did last night.
Souness did the earlier shift with Kevin Kilbane as Gilsey took the day off. Kevin was lucky he didn't have to face the nation and had his egg in the RTE greenroom. I hope RTE make their punditry decisions with an emphasis on entertainment. It's a battle they might win if that tops their footballing agenda.
Australian talisman Tim Cahill was harshly sent packing before the hour mark as Germany threatened to add further to their tally. It took until the 68th minute before another terrific goal involving a build up of efficiency by Muller. Without minutes substitute Cacau made it four.
It was the footballing rebuke to sex from a male prospective and judging by the growth in ladies soccer it could be from their prospective as well.
Is the World Cup coming alive? It may very well be. It pissed rain in torrents today and if entertainment is to be strictly kept indoors then I really hope so. Tomorrow the Dutch open their account. Don't hear to many talking about them this time round.
It will be difficult for the current squad to stand up to the achievements of the Cruff era when they came up short in the finals of 1974 & 1978. Surely though at some stage in time the country that gave us total football (amongst other things) would be deserving of housing the winners trophy for a four year spell. The dutch have a model as do the Germans of taking real social responsibiity for the welfare of their young. Their sporting facilities are testament to that ideal and as such they reap the benfits. Though as a nation Ireland is pretty young it's people have been around for a whole lot longer. It's time to use them and get this country on the move again.

Could be a great week who can tell? Looks like Richard Bruton is going to challenge Enda Kenny for the leadership of the Fine Fael party on Tuesday. The same day of the 'no confidence' vote on Brian Cowen. I'd question the timing if only by a week which leads me to the question 'What does Richard know that's making him move now'.
Labour must be rubbing their hands in glee at what's going on around them. I hope they capitalize on this potential. It's huge. Your move Eamon.

I'll leave this one with Bill O Herlihy who laughed and told the nation that he loved pronouncing the sound of the German coach 'low'.
Didier looking back depriving himself of a smile and said, 'Yeah', not understanding of this simplest of humour. Bill, you're a star.

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