Monday, June 14, 2010

Inside & Out

The day started badly when I discovered the contents of the milk carton had decided to turn on itself. Too bad i didn't notice it before white spots invaded the first brew of the day. I quickly chucked it down the sink.
Next in the door was my first rejection letter from the submissions I have sent out with regard my book. I was keenly surprised by the time-scale of the return letter if not it's contents.
I guess rejection is easier to bear when you know the world of digital and self publishing routes are now a viable option but I guess like most writers you just want to write and leave that end of things to people who do that kind of thing. The search continues....

The Dutch opened up their World Cup account in the afternoon with a 2-0 win over Denmark. The game hung in the balance in the first half with Denmark edging it in terms of clear goal mouth opportunities. The Dutch had a lot of possession but didn't really know what to do with it.
An early cross from Robin Van Persie in the second half put the Dutch ahead when Poulsen headed back into his own net. The Dutch remained on top for the rest of the second half and on 85 minutes Dirk Kuyt wrapped up the game and a deserved opening victory.
Japan and Cameroon provided us with the afternoon snooze in a dreadful battle from two of the poorer sides so far. A man called Honda wrapped up this non-event in the 39th minute with a goal I wouldn't even bother describing and despite both sides playing volleyball with the goal posts it was painful to watch.

After the bells tolled six the news came that Enda Kenny had sacked Richard Bruton as the party's spokesman on Finance and deputy leader. I wrote about this last Friday after the release of a poll suggested support for Fine Gael was waining. I'm thinking about getting a crystal ball. The Fine Gael party now threatens to rip itself apart from the inside out. Bruton is expected now to challenge Kenny for the party leadership with both sides claiming they have enough support to win. Even if Kenny does manage to cling to the party it will be a divided party he will govern and more bad news in the polls will follow. If Bruton, brother of former taoiseach John Bruton takes over he will have to contend and attempt to unite those who oppose him in this poorly-timed challenge. If Fianna Fail did the unexpected and called a snap general election they would surely benefit now rather than in 2 years time when more of the murky underworld of finance have come into the public domain. There should be a good day in Dail Eireann tomorrow with the words 'no confidence' the order of the day. Cowen's day of reckoning comes tomorrow but Fianna Fail have always been better at unity than anyone else so he should sail through. Kenny's date with political destiny comes on Thursday. The verdict on him not so assured.

World Champions Italy started their campaign tonight against Paraguay. Both nations displayed the best they had in the hair growing property stakes and it was the South American qualifiers who took the lead through Alcaraz in the 38th minute in a cautious encounter. The game opened up a little in the second half as the Italians came more and more into the game and were rewarded when De Rossi netted from a corner kick on 63 minutes. The name threw up memories of Italy's 1982 hero Paulo Rossi who fired his country to success with six goals from the quarter final stage. It was my first World Cup from memory made equally memorable because our neighbours from North of the border famous 1-0 win over hosts Spain in the group stages. It was David v Goliath and we all know what happened there!
The game finished 1-1. I've never been a great lover of Italian football over the years but you can't argue with a team that has won the title on four occasions. But this is an aging Italian team and it's hard to see them emulating the success of four years ago based on their performance tonight. Then again they do have a manager called Lippi and you know I'll always have a bit of that!

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