Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Can this World Cup get any worse after today's matches? Hard to see how it can if one is to be perfectly honest. The standard of football makes leaves me in little doubt why PlayStation games now take over the time young people could spend playing football. Back in my day a ball was all we had. But if any kid looking in on these two snore fests today was looking in to be inspired I'm sure they find more entertainment on FIFA's version that can be played through a TV screen with consoles.

Japan went out to Paraguay in the early kick off in the most brutal match any supporter of the game should ever have to endure. Dire seems too small a word. The team from Paraguay progressed to the quarter finals in the tournaments first penalty shoot out when a miss from Japan's Komona the difference between the two sides. Paraguay converted all of their spot kicks to win 5-3.

In the evening exchange Spain squared off against their Iberian neighbours Portugal. The much hyped affair was won by the current European Champions with a goal from David Villa on 63 minutes the difference between the sides. The Spanish comfortably rode out the rest of the match with possession football and although they rarely threatened to add to their goal tally they were far superior to a Portuguese side who despite a bright start seemed to settle on their fate after Villa's goal. Ronaldo was woeful and may find a career in theatre to his liking should a challenge end his career early. Perhaps he should have a word with Eric Cantona's agent he may be able to get him a bit of work.

Paraguay will now meet Spain and it's difficult to see anything but a comfortable Spanish win. David Villa is making a strong pitch for himself to both top the scoring charts and be the man of the tournament. In this dreadful show which is supposed to be the pinnacle of any players career he is one of the few individuals who has lived up to what is expected of him.

Prediction Spain 3 Paraguay 0.

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