Thursday, June 17, 2010


Argentina fired four past the South Koreans in the first match of the day and virtually assured their place in the last 16. The result seemed to be in the balance until Higuain's second strike on the 76th minute which made the score 3-1. The South Koreans floundered again on 80 minutes when Higuain completed his hat-trick, sending him to the top of the goal scoring charts.
Argentina looked to be cruising in the first half and lead 2-0 until the stroke of half time when Lee Chung Yung's goal put the former semi-finalists back in the game. The South Koreans poured forward in the second half in search of an equaliser before the late Higuain double wrapped up an enjoyable match and based on their opening games Argentina have now to be serious contenders for the trophy. If they are this good before Messi even fires up it's sure to have a few nations quaking in their boots.

Nigeria were cruising against former European Champions Greece and leading 1-0 from a goal from Uche when Kaita threw a kick at a Greek counterpart who acted theatrically, as all good Greeks do and was red carded. Enter Salpingidis and Torosidis and bang, bang, Greece not only had their first ever World Cup goals as a nation but three points taboot. Looks like another African casulty early in the competition.

An old fictional friend of mine, Bamber Doyle, once asked me the question how would the saying 'Don't f*ck with Karma, It will fu*k with you' look good on a T-Shirt? I told him on the spot that it was 'pathetic'. The rest of the story I'll leave in the book but after Mexico did the business against the French tonight, I once again have to admit I was wrong. Brutal as this may sound but it's meant in purely footballing terms, they got what they deserved and now face an early exit should results not swing their way.
It could happen. After all, Italy bounced back from a defeat to Ireland to go all the way to the 1994 final and were only beaten on penalties. But let's go with Bamber on this one all the same.
Goals from Hernandaz (another character in my book. Could it be fate?) and Blanco fired the Mexicans to victory in a deserved victory against a team and manager that are well beyond their sell-by date. I guess karma does have a way of biting you sometimes.

...and who said nice guys can't have their day in the sun. Enda Kenny won the Fine Gael leadership battle today and emerged victorious before holding hands with 'tricky dickie Bruton' in a show of party unity. Nice to see Enda have his day in the sun and a warm day it must have felt too. Nothing like getting the backing of your own in anything you do in this life.
I watched Vincent and the panel tonight and I'm nearly sure i heard Vincent say he interviewed Enda once and he 'hadn't a clue'. Doesn't bode well for the future of the country, does it? I'm looking forward to seeing the next big opinion poll. I wonder what the debacle has done to Fine Gael. This must have hurt them. Which can only mean three things. One, a Labour/Fine Gael coalition with Gilmore at the head of proceedings. Two, a Fianna Fail/Sinn Fein alliance or three, emigration. Think I'll head down to Mayo for the weekend and see what the West has to offer....and it's nearer Canada of course. :)

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