Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Did I ever tell you of the one about the Political Party who placed planters in the opposition ranks to help them out in times of trouble? It's a rough outline for a novel I should get around to writing about 2059. Titled, Planters. I know, I astound myself sometimes with titles of books that rarely make it past the first line. I'm not sure who I'll base it roughly on or if I'll set it in a tranquil setting or a post apocalyptic stew pot. I could write it in the first person. Hmmm, The Planter In I. Make him a Tory, switch country's and see can I find a job, all in one. I'll start it next week.... (C) 2010.

Jean Beausejour gave the impressive Chile a solid start to their ill-fated campaign. I don't know. There's something about Chile that says they won't be taking home the best looking trophy if their were an Oscar category for that. The Hondurans did make history though when the three Palacios brothers featuring in their squad. A World Cup first. Well done Winston & Co
The afternoon provided the biggest shock of the tournament when Switzerland won in a deserving fashion against European Champions Spain with a 1-0 scoreline that could have mounted to more. It shouldn't have been a shock really, well not to me. After all I only have my money on them and all. Then again I was told a long time ago that I wouldn't pick my nose.
Which brought us into the evening and the 2nd round clash between hosts South Africa and The Menaces from Montevideo. In a one-sided clash the Uruguayans didn't have to resort to heavy handed tactics to cruise to a 3-0 win with goals from Diego Forlan (2) and Alvaro Pereira. Forlan's opener was an absolute cracker and should feature highly on the Best of ... compilation which hits the DVD stands once the final whistle blows on the tournament. There's a team of well paid editors working on it as we speak...or so I'm told... in China!

That could be it for the host nation so there will be no repeat of the heroics of their rugby men all those years ago. Though I doubt that was ever really on the mind of anyone anyway.
Apres Match's George Hook has great potential. Oh George, how could sell out to Sky TV? Not so wonderful now are they with there 'daily reports'. I think I'll cancel my subscription for the rest of the Summer.
Roll on tomorrow and Ireland V Mexico. If only....
Go Mexico! Go Enda!
Maybe Enda will stand down before the vote tomorrow for the good of the party. It will be a bitter pill to swallow should he lose the leadership now. I think he's already lost it. Life's a tough cookie sometimes. I wonder if he's now doomed to reading leadership books and attending seminars instead of good grub at swanky venues with optional cheques depending on damn good you are. Gift!
Sure beats what I'm at. Second shake of the book head today. 'material not commercial for a very tough market.' I think I'll take that as a compliment. Makes one feel like a writer. I'll chuck out another one tomorrow to compensate.

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