Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Saville Report

I hate going back into the past and especially in our country's history but this wouldn't be an Irish blog is I didn't mention yesterdays Saville Report, an enquiry that cost €200m into the events of Januaury 30th 1972, Bloody Sunday.
In stark contrast to the Widgery enquiry carried out in the months after 14 innocents were slain on the streets of Derry by members of PARA, yesterdays report completed exonerated all who died and were injured that day of any blame leading to their murders. British prime minister David Cameron yesterday wholeheartedly apologised to the families of those who died on behalf of his government. The findings were greeted on the street of Derry by thousands who had gathered to joy at the vindication that took 38 long years to come. It came to late for some.

The Northern Irish peace process has to be this country's greatest achievement since Independence. Not in any unifying way as some no doubtedly hope someday it will be, but it showed the world what can be done to turn violent society on the path to reconciliation and forward into the future.
No one who cares for life in this day and age wants a return to the troubles that claimed over 3,600 lives in the period that followed the shooting dead of innocent civil rights marchers. They chose to put the gun and bomb to rest and plot a way forward from the blood that stains many a Northern Ireland town. I think in my heart I won't see the island united in my lifetime but then it's never felt so united as in recent times. Justice was served yesterday and although it's often a long and tedious path towards it, it's testament to those who believe in it and continue to seek it in every walk of life.

I like to give people chances in life and I see no reason from the sound of David Cameron's voice yesterday as he spoke in the House of Commons not to give him one. Some media described it as tactical but I think it's time we left tactics aside for a greater good, lame as that may sound to some.
Once we rid ourselves of those who bankrupted us and have generationally sent our young to foreign shores we can begin to restore our pride in who we are and who we are as a people. We can't but succeed because it will be down to the individuals and not failed systems and family dynasty's that has so outstayed thier tenures.
People are all unique, we shouldn't be treated as a collective so we mass for the benefit of those who care not for us. It's my believe that whatever it is that defines us as a nation when time writes it's last history page will be something along those lines. A People who took pride in taking care of themselves and others.
People died both North and South to give us a chance at that very ideal. Our leaders, for the most part, have failed their honour. We don't need another enriching enquiry to tell us that. We need to get on now with making our tomorrow so many didn't have to die in vain.

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