Thursday, July 15, 2010


Couple of more rejections in the door early in the week. I like when an agent replies with a personal letter instead of a form letter. Keeps the chin up. As such I have spent the past few days going over the book painstakingly word by word in a rather humble effort at copy editing before I attempt to source an independent and knowledgeable eye to give it the once over. It's taken two days to go through half the book so guess what I'll be doing for the rest of the week? In truth I understand now why copy-editors charge fifty bucks an hour. It's most tedious.

I'm not giving up on the hope that it may resonate with someone but it's always hard to judge a book by it's cover and when you are only asked for the first few pages from inside a non-existent cover it's hard to sell a book as a whole.
Reading it again these past few days has once again made me kind of proud of my nearly year long effort and how well I feel it has turned out. It's just my own opinion and sometimes expressing that causes upset with folk and if so well I'm sorry for having one. One can but try in life to move forward in a positive direction. The alternative unfortunately is not an option for some people of which I am one. I can't make apologies for that.

On we go...

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