Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Holidays

Loved ones headed off to the sun today and as I drove back from the airport I shuddered at the thought of days spent trapped in traffic on the M50 after a days slog in the city. I always like Dublin but so much of life is held up because it's so hard to get around. I guess one can count themselves lucky it's not Shanghai.

Speaking of holidays, the Dail dissolved for the Summer recess, a three month break from debate, forward thinking suspended, nothing resolved. They're back at the end of September. Nice work if you can get it!
They reconvene to decide on ways of stripping us for more without causing a social revolution. Maybe they deserve the respite before tackling that one.
There's a chance, it's tiny but a chance all the same to rely on Ireland's people to get us out of this mess. Let's cut the red tape for the common man for a change. Time to honour our forefathers and benefit all of society instead of a few who wrangle with the lives of millions for their own benefit. The game's nearly up. People are wising up. It's going to take a radical changing in the thinking of the policy makers to grasp it. Throw the topics open to the people. Across the board. Majority rules. Everyone must have their say like in a census. Change the direction of all that's failed us.

How? Well you are not going to do it eating well and suppin' pints with your crew at the tax payers expense and that's for sure.

Few more negatives for the book in the door today which makes five in total. Not sure if i should flood the market with submissions but it's tedious work. Not sure on when to just go it alone. While it's still a little relevant. It would have been pretty relevant today....but that's all part of the story.

Been trying a few things on a community level of late. Like the bunch of people who are giving us a hand to get the little venture off the ground. I see some of the level of work that goes into representing people even on a local level. There's a fair bit to be admired about people who do it for the right reasons. It's the communities of the land that will make us stand proud some day in the future. Once the emphasis is put on that it won't fail. If Fianna Fail want another chance with any future electorate they need to show signs of it and show it soon. Every system in the country needs a radical over haul and it can't take decades to impliment. I'm so tired of listening to the same old drivel in the media too. Why are they not out there focusing on the bigger issues at hand? Driving it home day after day until we get answers into how we crumbled and why we rewarded the crumblers? I don't want to be an old man and hearing the answers and then watch that generation shrug their shoulders only for it all to happen again. That would have been a very ordinary existence.

After a few teething problems our new writers group is up and running. Six writers in total. The line up will be doing a little updating on the progress of the project here. I think I've sent out invitations to the page to those I think would be interested but if i haven't just let me know and I'll send one. We have people from three continents so we called the group Intercontinental Ink and work begins next week on the writing of our individual short stories. I'm caught between playing it safe or testing myself on something a little, should we say, different.

Writing it will be this years holiday. Hmmm!

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