Saturday, August 21, 2010

Poetry In Motion.

A piece of good news this week. A piece of poetry I wrote while on a visit to the island of Jersey back in 1999, has been selected for inclusion as part of the Boyne Writers Group upcoming anthology of poems and prose. The anthology, Boyne Berries, has been a big success since it's inception.
It will be the groups eighth such anthology and I was lucky enough to have another poem I wrote included in a previous issue. I have posted that below.

The current poem that was selected was inspired by a walk I took through some woodland on the island. I came across a park bench with the inscription, Joyce Hodge, Who Used To Walk Here, and that formed the idea for the poem.
I haven't wrote much poetry in recent years. My Grandfather produced two anthologies of self-penned poetry back in the eighties and also exhibited quite a number of his paintings throughout his life. He was also a very talented accordion player. I guess my creative side comes from that side of the family.
I'll supply a link to the new anthology upon it's release and back issues can be found on the linked website above.

Here is the poem from a previous anthology I wrote, some observations of a cold Autumn morning.

The sun shadows and creeps,
Over hills and naked trees,
Illuminating frozen art,
On unforgiving car windscreens.
Stunning in the early hours,
Until gentle tear-like streams,
Wash what's priceless away,
Children draped in winter wool,
Hasten paths to school,
Chimney tops exhale their smoke,
Whirling and whisking,
Into a cloudless sky,
Fall mornings here once more.

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