Sunday, August 22, 2010

Booker's World ~ Online.

During the week I interviewed Gerry McCullough about her new book, Belfast Girls. Gerry told me about how she had her book picked up on Authonomy, a website for writers affiliated with Harper Collins.

Though the site has many writers on board and a wide variety of books for readers to read, it does seem that one would have to spend quite a bit of time using the site to improve ranking and as such bring it to the attention of others. Unfortunately I don't have the time to spend much time in there at present, as life swallows up much of my time already.

However I decided to post the first 14,000 words of my debut book on there and see if I could get some feedback from other writers and readers. A few have read it and I have liked what they have said about it.

I'm going to leave it up there for the coming weeks so people can have a read of it if they wish. I changed the title as I believed it was more catchy than the title of It's What You Leave Behind.

Some people have asked me when I intend on having it out. My publishing plan for the book is to have it out there around the end of October. But for readers of the blog and other people who have been asking you can read the opening chapters of Booker's World here.

Fingers crossed you will enjoy, but all comments, good or bad are greatly appreciated.

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