Monday, August 23, 2010

Ramblings From The Writers Mind ~Charachter Development.

There's a thing about real friendship that is enduring, some of my earliest are still among my strongest today. We don't live and breath each others life but we all know each other is there if needed. At least you hope so.
Once in a while one crosses your path, the reason still unknown, but they are there for a reason all the same. Some of them would make for great characters themselves, lives worthy of the written word. I've got to admit they influence me in some ways.
On such individual part-influenced a character in my book, a globe trotting cocaine addict who shoots from the hip. It's actually an attribute of his I admire. The last one, that is.

At times our paths cross, mainly by text message nowadays, where he provides me with a character so far out there, one would be foolish not to take the opportunity to write about it. Here's one I received last week.

Time to have another Beluga Caviar sandwich and then bury my snout in a mountain of Nicaraguan Pearl. Yummy. :)

Now it's a pity I didn't write them all down , for the day I made Tommy Swank a character in my book, my friend has provided some laughable scenario's for me. I could have written a book in itself. The Text Titillation's of Tommy Swank. I even know the book cover I'd pay for.

Mondays are a shitty old day. Its been long documented. It's so far rooted into the physic now whatever dude came up with the concept and whatever dude is responsible for its implementation deserves his place in the history books. Research into that will have to wait for another day.

Tuesday dawns and Sunday nights research is still on my mind. A reporter on a serial killer trial lays the blame on the horrors inflicted by the killer as a 'realisation that life was useless...' Those are strong words if people reflect a little on that. It always provides great stimuli for deeper thought. I think that's the role of the writer in ways. To make sure they know somethings about what they write about. It's not always pretty listening to reason for particular insanities, but it's helped with the development of the character and as such you feel you're not cheating a reader.
I have one more main character to develop and that's going to take a few more weeks. I'm creating bio's for them. Then I'll plot a story around those and write a first draft.
A crime thriller in under a hundred thousand words. If i was true to my art I'd only write it on rainy Monday's, but the little absurdities that occur in life make some rush along.
I wonder what Caviar tastes like?

It's What You Leave Behind has gone through a title change and is now called Bookers World. I'm still very undecided on a few things including another round of minor copy-editing which is currently been done in L.A. by my shaped eyed buddie, Kenny Elliott.
Thanks Kenny. I've a book cover in mind for it. I'll need a quality photgraher and a graphic designer. And a good friend of mine to draw it. It's cool having great friends.

You can read the first 14,000 words here for the next few weeks. Now, where was I?

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